I’m sure we’ve all grown up witnessing the world call each other names, pick on each other , and label each other in immature fashion. And while we feel that we are just “poking fun,” you’d be surprised how many people are vigorously tormented by the labels that are given to them.

1. “You’re stupid.”

2. “You’re fat.”

3. “You’re a ugly.”

4. “You’re useless.”

5. “You’re weak.”

For some of you, your parents were the label dealers. For others, it was your friends and casual acquaintances. Regardless of who said it, it still stings and leaves a mark.

We live in a world that likes to label everything. Just recently I saw a boat named “Red Velvet,” and all I could think of for the rest of the day was cake. I know, a little weird.

The point is, we are fascinated with labels and branding. Whether you are naming your car, boat, dog, fish, band, church, child or business, the labels we choose are most-likely chosen to get across a message that we wish to convey.

Examples: A dog named “Killer,” or a Church called “New Beginnings.”

In the same sense, the labels we have been given or are giving people represent much of who we think they are. Nine times out of ten, our assumptions are completely wrong. Things like “stupid,” or “fat” are being branded onto people without their consent. Why? because people are treating people as if they are perishable goods, and not people.

Our world is so focused on climbing the popularity ladder, we’ve learned to label those around us from day one. It’s what we’ve been taught, and it’s wrong. The sting of a label can create a lifetime of pain.

Since the beginning of time God has known you by name, and you have been labeled, “His child.” Until God himself tells you otherwise, labels are nothing but empty words spoken by empty people. Labels Lie.

“For you are all children of God through faith in Christ Jesus.” —

Don’t let anyone label you anything contrary that what God has deemed you.