Tips For Choosing Your Life Partner

Your life partner choice aspect is more important than anything you do to keep your marriage happy. That may sound like an easy thing to do, but you’ll be surprised at the high percentage of people who are so impatient to get married that they don’t devote the time and effort needed to make good decisions. If you are working in intense 9-5 jobs such as a job in Digital Marketing Malaysia and are too focused on your career, you might ruin your future if you choose your partner without considering important factors. 

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Most of the collapsed households that have been in trouble since day one are none other than because the two people involved have chosen the wrong partner.

Here are the factors to consider if you want to ensure a satisfying and lasting marriage:

1. Get To Know Your Partner During The Period Of Introduction

Studies show that couples who have known each other for two years or longer are more prone to be satisfied with their marriage rather than couples who have known each other for a shorter period of time. When couples are willing to make decisions involving marriage after only being acquainted for a few months, those decisions are mostly based more on imagination and less on fact.

2. Choose Your Own Partner- Seriously Recommended

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People often choose a partner purely to please others – dad, mom or because people tell them to get married. But it is very important that the person who wants to get married himself is happy with his choice. Your decision should be made based on your own needs and dreams. You should also listen to the opinions of friends and family carefully, but do not let others choose your life partner.

3. Unreasonable Expectations About Marriage

Most marriages fail because they don’t get what they dreamed of before getting married. Many men and women enter the realm of marriage with the assumption that their partner will meet all their needs and that their romantic feelings during lovemaking will last forever. Actually a happy marriage requires so much effort, patience and perseverance.

4. Personality And Behavioral Problems

Personality and behavior will not be lost when you get married. If there are personality traits and behaviors of your partner that raise questions, such as jealousy, hot temper, irresponsibility, dishonesty and stubbornness. 

Ask yourself whether you are willing to spend your time until the end of life to deal with this problem. Obviously, if the couple in consideration is having problems with drugs, drunk, substantial problems and so on, you should make sure the problem has been resolved well in advance of your marriage.

5. Based On Your Own Life Experiences

Choosing a life partner involves predictions about how the two of you will live together over the years to come. Experience here does not mean age. The experience does not depend on one’s age. The experience of men and women going through hardships together is very meaningful in a relationship. If you can go through difficult and happy times with your partner.

6. The Shadow Of The Person Who Wants You To Marry

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This shadow of your future partner is not something you are aware of in general, yet it greatly affects you. Clearly imagine the characteristics of the person you want to marry. Think long and hard about the factors – appearance, intelligence, education, spirituality and so on. Your subconscious thoughts can haunt a relationship. Hold on to this shadow of yours, otherwise you will want someone else forever.

7. Someone Who Can Relate And Vibe With You 

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The harmony of the relationship between husband and wife is very important to maintain. It also needs to be balanced with your busy work schedule as well as childcare tasks, family affairs and housekeeping routines. However, most couples will begin to experience conflict after having children. One study stated that, once a baby reaches the age of 18 months, every 1 in 4 couples show a level of stress in their marriage. The study was conducted by a couple of Professors of Psychology at the University of California, Dr. Philip Cowan and Dr. Carolyn Pape Cowan. This is the ideal stage for you guys to be intimate with each other. 

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In a nutshell, having a partner is a healthy thing to do. Three things you must take care to be happy in life are your family, your heart and your dignity. Apart from having sex and taking care of your personal life, it is also important to spend quality time. It is not a difficult thing. You can choose to do things as simple as chatting and watching television with your partner. It is not necessary to spend money and much time to travel abroad just to have quality time with a partner. It is better to get to know her and satisfy her first. What’s most important is that you both have an enjoyable life and be happy until the last moment together.