Most gentlemen aren’t very skilled when it comes to the ways of a women. And although I don’t claim to be a relationship expert, I do have a few things I think all men need to work on.

Here is some stuff guys need to learn when it comes to girls:

1. We need to learn how to talk to you.

– Let’s face it, us guys don’t know how to talk to women. It’s not that we are idiots, but that sometimes it’s hard for us to communicate the way a woman needs. The key in learning how to talk to a girl is first listening to her. When we fail to listen, we will fail in our attempt to talk in a way that shows sincerity.

2. We need to learn how to act when we are around you.

– Sometimes we forget to turn off “guy mode.” It’s not that “guy mode” is wrong, but that it doesn’t necessarily translate well when we are with the ladies. We as men must learn how to act around women, their friends, and their family. We must learn to be kind, gentle, and engage in actions that reflect biblical direction.

3. We need to learn how to respect & honor you.

– Honor and respect are huge aspects of any relationship. Learning to honor and respect a girl is one of the major issues in today’s society and culture. Men must learn how to treat girls in a way that reflects the way Jesus loved his Church. We are called to reflect purity, honor, and respect that goes beyond limits.

4. We need to learn how to comfort you.

– Us guys like to fix stuff. And although we might be very good at it, that’s not always the answer a girl needs when she is feeling down or hurt. Sometimes, the simple act of wrapping our arms around her and praying will bring her the comfort and joy she needs to move on. Don’t think you need to fix everything. Sometimes girls just need someone who is willing to listen and be heard.

5. We need to learn how to encourage you.

– Encouragement is key. There are so many reasons for girls to feel insecure in today’s world. And although most of these reasons are false, it doesn’t mean they don’t affect girls in a mighty way. We as guys must learn how to encourage and support women in a way that lifts them up to see their worth in Christ.