Over the last few years I have noticed that when I put myself into unfamiliar situations, I begin to expose a lot about myself, my leadership, and my relationship with God. Unfamiliar situations will do this to the best of us, and I firmly believe that evaluating the way we handle change is a wonderful way to scale our relationship with Christ.

Recently I shared a post about my cross-country move to a new state, city, and ministry position. And although it’s only been about a week since I have arrived, I can’t begin to explain how much I’ve already learned, grown, and experienced.

Within the last week I have found myself in situations that I have never encountered, while meeting people I’ve never talked to, and giving spiritual guidance to people with problems I’ve never heard of. The experience has been incredible, and growth that God has implanted into my life has been exponential.

My reason for posting this is to tell you: God teaches through change!

It’s almost impossible for us to learn new things while living life in a constant routine. Why? Because you’re never prompted to take risks or do anything new.

1. Start a business. 

2. Go on a missions trip. 

3. Start a non-profit. 

4. Move to a different state.

5. Move to a different country. 

6. Plant a church. 

7. Write a book. 

8. Start a blog. 

In regards to your relationship with Jesus: I can’t begin to express how important it is for you to do something bold, new, and out of your comfort zone. I truly believe that is when God will move most in our lives.

I’m not sure what your “out of the ordinary” experience is, but I do know that you are missing out on an incredible chance to grow as a person, leader, and child of God; Regardless if you succeed or not.

I encourage you to share this post with a friend, co-worker, or family member. Encourage someone to step out and fulfill their callings.

– Jarrid Wilson