1. You think a relationship will make you feel better.

Whatever problems you have going on in life, I guarantee that getting yourself into a relationship won’t fix all of them. Sure, you might find some short-term peace, but a relationship alone isn’t going to make you feel any better. Respect someone enough to not use them as a solution for your hardships.

2. You think a relationship will bring you a sense of worth and identity.

Your worth is not found within a relationship, but instead God. Don’t date hoping someone will bring you a sense of worth that was intended to be fulfilled by your faith. When you place your worth upon the shoulders of someone else, you will inevitably be let down and disappointed. God won’t let you down.

3. You think a relationship will make you feel less lonely.

Short-term relationships will never fulfill long-term loneliness. Before you get yourself into a relationship with someone, you first need to find out where your internal loneliness is coming from. A relationship will only fulfill you for so long, until you then try to fill the void with someone new. Seek fulfillment in God alone before trying to seek the heart of someone else.  

4. You date recreationally, and not intentionally.

If you’re dating for the sake of dating, you’re not ready for a real relationship. When it comes to dating, one must be mature enough to understand the harm recreational dating can have on someone’s heart and soul. If you’re looking to date, make sure your intentions are pure and focused. Don’t waste someone’s time so that you can have some fun.