Have you ever shared an incredible dream, vision, or idea with the people you love; only to find out they aren’t as excited about it as you are? It hurts. But while many people might find this to be the end of their pursuit, I encourage people to let it fuel them that much more.

All throughout life you will encounter people who don’t necessarily understand your vision, but you need to understand that this is ok! Why? Because it’s your vision, not theirs.  You can’t expect them to see your life from the same angle you can.

If I would have listened to everyone who told me my dreams were a waste of time, I would not be a pastor, blogger or author, nor would I have continued to use social media as platform to share my faith. It’s not that these people didn’t love me; it’s just that they couldn’t see the depth of my dreams like I could. I had to respectfully disagree with their opinions in order to pursue the calling God had given me.

This didn’t mean I ignored their wisdom… I just realized the guidance they were giving me was contrary to my purpose.

Dream stompers are everywhere. And while not all of them are doing it purposely, I would encourage to not take their opinions personally. If God has given you a calling, then go for it!

What should you do when faced with dream stompers?

1. Ignore the haters. Only listen to people who show you respect and honor.

2. Ask yourself how important your dreams really are to you.

3. Decide whether or not your dreams are really worth chasing.

4. Ask yourself, “Why would they be telling me this?”

Don’t deal with dream stompers! They’ll always find a way to discourage you from pursuing your purpose. If God has called you to it, then God will bring you through it.