Today is the day! I’m so excited to announce the official release of my new book

This book is something I have been working on for many years, and I cannot believe the it’s finally. The purpose and vision for this book was to help people break FREE from poser Christianity, and instead embrace a life that truly reflects an image of Jesus.

What Is Jesus Swagger About?

In a world of constant conformity, God has called us to be different (Romans 12:2), set apart (Jeremiah 1:5), walking tall with a righteous swagger, a Jesus swagger.

The title of this book explains itself, but does it resonate with you the way it does for me? We talk about being Christlike images, walking as he walked, and talking as he talked, but are we really mirroring that image? Or are we doing the opposite?

To relieve any frustrations you may have from seeing the word swagger added to the divine and holy name of Jesus, please understand that the word swagger has many meanings, and in this book I plan on referencing the following definition:

“A person’s style—the way they walk, talk, dress.”

If we evaluate our lives according to the blueprint of Scripture, I believe many of us would be astonished by how much we really aren’t reflecting the revolutionary example of our Lord and Savior.

Jesus swagger is all about your life being infected with the love of Christ. Being different, noticeably different, so much so that people wonder, What is different about that person? It’s a lifestyle that resembles Jesus to the fullest, not worrying about the opinions of others, but instead holding firm to a foundation in Christ alone; one that is able to withstand anything the world throws at you.

Break FREE From Poser Christianity

I pray this book blesses you as must as it has blessed me to write. I believe poser Christianity is an epidemic in today’s world, and only through the power of the Holy Spirit can we truly find our inner Jesus Swagger. We must let go and grab onto the promise of God. It’s time to break FREE from poser Christianity.

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Sidenote: Toward the end of the book, I reference Detriech Bonhoeffer to be the man portrayed in the iconic picture refusing to engage in the Nazi salute while surrounded by Hitler’s regime. After further research, I realized that this is in fact not Detriech Bonhoeffer, but instead is said to be August Landmesser. I want to make sure both men get the credit they deserve for being bold enough to stand up against the army of Hitler, regardless of the circumstances. I fault myself for not correctly getting the edits over to my publisher sooner when realizing the mistake in my early manuscript late last year. The text will be updated on the next round of printing. Thanks for your understanding!