The moment I said “I do” was the very moment my life changed forever. It was a moment I will always remember. It was the moment my life officially ended. There’s more to the story…

Marriage Is A Beautiful Thing.

Marriage is a beautiful thing. It’s filled with excitement, extraordinary love and God-breathed passion that can only be experienced through intentional pursuit and relentless compassion. It’s hands-down one of God’s most alluring creations, faceted with unforgettable moments and timeless learning experiences.

Marriage has forever changed my perspective on life. It has taught me what it means to be selfless, patient and understanding beyond compare. Those rings meant more to me than a marriage license, they meant a lifetime of love, respect and honor. The moment I said “I do” was the moment I no longer ran through life unescorted. My life officially ended, and “ours” officially started. Life wasn’t about me anymore; It was about US. It was a divine experience. It was a breath of God’s rejuvenating Spirit.

“And the two are united into one.’ Since they are no longer two but one.”—Mark 10:8

Serving The One You Love.

There’s something quite wondrous about living a life dedicated to serving the one you love. And while marriage doesn’t do away with one’s personal goals and dreams, one must take into consideration the thoughts and understanding of one’s spouse when making decisions. If it doesn’t benefit the family as a whole, then what good is it?

Do away with a marriage built on separates lives. Allow two to become one, and end a life of selfish singularity. It’s time for YOUR life to end and YOURS to begin. Experience life together, not separate.

A healthy marriage entails a lot, but one of those things isn’t selfishness.