Let me drop a truth bomb on you, “Made In His Image” comes in many different shapes and styles. What does this mean? It means you don’t have to look like everyone else who calls themselves a Christian. God made you unique, so embrace the heck out of it.

There is no such thing as the “ideal” outer image of a Christ-follower. What does this mean for you and I? It means we should embrace the uniqueness God gave each and every one of us. We’re not all alike, so let’s stop trying to fit everyone into each other’s molds.

-Suits and ties aren’t your style? Awesome. Don’t wear them!

-Your nose is pierced and you have tattoos? Rad. Rep your uniqueness proudly.

-You wear ripped jeans and have a hipsteresque haircut? Wonderful. Embrace it boldly.

-Your favorite shoes are penny-loafers and you have a huge selection of Ralph Lauren Polos? Sweet! Be you. 

You’re not a huge fan of “main-stream” Christian music? That’s fine. Don’t listen to it! 

Be who God created you to be, and stop feeling pressured to be someone you’re not by people who don’t even know you. BE YOU!

If you like the NLT version of the Bible, then read it until the pages fall out. If you only read the KJV or ESV, that’s great too—but don’t you dare look at someone in an ill fashion because they don’t. You’re different people with different styles, different finger prints and different callings. You’re not the same! None of us are.

Christians weren’t ever called to look the same, but we were called to look towards the same Savior; Jesus. We were called to reflect love, grace and righteousness. Outside of these parameters, have fun being the unique creation God made you to be.

Stop judging people because they don’t look like you. Accept the reality that Jesus’ followers all look different, dress different and were created for different purposes.