Let’s get really honest with each other for a minute. Let’s put aside all the clichés, feel good one-liners, and quick to apply Bible-verse band aids. Sometimes, life is just really hard. And no matter how many inspirational quotes you might throw someone, there is a good chance there burdens are much too deep to be fixed with a quick-to-speak answer.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had dozens of conversations with people who are going through a really tough time, questioning whether their life has meaning, and wondering why so many Christians represent Jesus in such a horrible way. These are good people, with good motives, who have just found themselves sinking in a boat of emotions they can’t seem to get out of. The heavy pull of life, faith, and relationships have begun to take a toll on them. What do you tell people like this? What do you tell people who are already seeking Jesus, but for some reason are still going through a hard and burdensome time.

First, let me tell you this: IT’S OK TO BE A CHRISTIAN WHO GOES THROUGH TOUGH TIMES. You’re human! Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Even Jesus wept.

Life isn’t always going to be easy! And frankly, there is a good chance that life isn’t going to always go the way YOU planned it. It’s easier said than done, but we have to learn to trust God even through the tough times. He knows what he is doing, and he is capable of taking care of our every need.

The Facts:

1. People will fail you. 

2. Christians will fail you. 

3. Life will fail you. 

4. Jesus will not fail you. 

This is not to say that Jesus will only do things that you want, but this is saying that his plan for your life is to bring you victory rather than defeat. When you are in Christ, even the tough situations are victorious due to His victory on the cross. Understand that Jesus can do miraculous things even through the hardships in your life. If you feel like giving up, I want to encourage you to hold on a little longer. Grab hold of the promises of God, embrace a community of friends who can support you, and submerge yourself in the embrace of God’s love.

“Come to me all who are weary and heavy burdened, and I will give you rest.”