Failure is all around us. It’s the talk of news-headlines, blogs and just about every trending topic. Our society has become infatuated with watching people miserably fail, pointing a finger of judgment, and using their social platforms to publicly shame individuals from the comfort of their mobile devices.

Failure is inevitable, but how we respond to failure is a choice. The easy way out is to point a finger, meticulously judge without knowing all the facts, and shame those who have made mistakes as if we’re any better than them. Nobody is perfect.

It takes no courage to judge someone. It takes no valor to point out someone’s flaws. It takes no brains to shame someone for making mistakes that are no better than our own. It seems that our world is full of vultures who like to pick apart the societal roadkill.

Choose Courage.

It takes courage to lend someone who has failed a helping hand. It takes courage to walk in a room when everyone else has walked out. It takes courage to lift someone up when everyone else is putting someone down.

Choose courage. Choose to lend a helping hand. Jesus did it.