When I became a Christian, I told myself that I was going to live a life that looked different from the world around me. I wasn’t going to succumb to the lies that society fed me on a daily basis, and I sure as heck wasn’t going to base my worth off what I had or how much I was making.  I was told to ignore the American dream and instead, pursue the likes of Christ. Much of my thought process derived from the leaders and mentors I had pour into me, and some of it derived from reading passages in the Bible such as, Romans 12:2, John 17:16 and John 15:19.

Society and culture seem to get a bad reputation in many of today’s Christian circles. And while not all of cultural influence is innately bad, the teaching that many stand behind makes it seem this way. The reality is, not all cultural influences are wrong or unbiblical. In fact, some of them are actually good.

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While I believe Church should be so creative that it influences culture, I’m also not opposed to seeing today’s Church adopt attributes of culture in order to better relate to individuals who are far from God. You can embrace culture without selling your soul. Jesus did this through his teaching of parables, and he taught in ways that bridged the gap between a relationship with Jesus and the hearts of an unbeliever. He used culture to resonate with people and meet them half way. If it worked for Jesus, why would we not follow suit? 

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When it comes to embracing culture as it pertains to a believer in Christ, one must learn set up boundaries and limitations that will keep them from unhitching from a biblically grounded life. We can’t let our faith hang in the balance while trying to dabble with culture. It’s not worth. But, with proper accountability and understanding, Christians can actually benefit from the likes of culture without compromising any of their core beliefs.

Whether it be technology, music, film, business, fashion or any other type of artistry, God can use the likes of culture to benefit and expand his kingdom. So, how do you embrace culture without selling your soul? You reclaim it for the sake of The Gospel. You use it to bring glory to God.