“Finding Yourself”

I never really quite understood the meaning of this phrase, but it seems to be the “go to” saying for anyone who doesn’t really know what they want out of life. (Which once included myself)

For some people,”finding yourself” might come in the shape of:

1. A new job.

2. A new school.

3. A new relationship.

But if we take a second to look at the big picture, do any of these things actually have the power to fix the brokenness within us? Nope.

In today’s world, people are infatuated with “finding themselves,” but they forget that themselves are the ones who got them into their destructive mess in the first place. Ironic, huh?

The Reality Is: God is who we should be seeking, and He is the only one who can truly guide us out of the darkness we’ve made our way into.

We are a generation that can bring the hope of Jesus to this world, love to it’s people, and a future to it’s children. Stand up for what you believe in, and allow God to be in control of your life. Finding yourself starts by losing yourself. Allow God to take control of your life.

– Jarrid Wilson