There are a lot of things in my life that I feel like I do well. But for every skill I think I’ve mastered, there is always another person that I think does it a little bit better than me. In some cases, this may be true, but in others, it’s due to a helping hand of comparative insecurities that I hold so dear to my heart.

I discovered the hard way that comparing myself to the accomplishments and life of others has a way of making you feel inferior, no matter how untrue this fact may really be. And for most of my life, I let the infectious disease of comparison dwell within my heart, destroying my self-worth and confidence from the inside out. It’s not a great place to find yourself in, and I wouldn’t recommend you travel down the road of comparison any time soon. Easier said than done. I know.

Comparison brought my insecurities to a level they had never been before, and instead of being the guy who was willing to try and accomplish anything that was thrown his way, I became so wrapped up in the negative thoughts I had towards myself. So much so, that I eventually reverted to not trying anything new at all. I became stale and stagnant in life—Uncharacteristic to who I really was inside. And when you already suffer from severe depression, having the mentality of “Why even bother?” added as the icing on top is just a recipe for disaster. I was being pulled around like a dog on a leash, and the insecurities I encountered due to constantly comparing myself to others were all leading me farther and farther away from my worth and value in life. I was journeying through a dark and dangerous tunnel that would lead me to nowhere of love.

The lies of comparison will suck the life out of you, yet so many of us do it on a daily basis. We compare our looks, our relationships, our kids, our talents, our social status, our houses and even our job titles. Some of us doing while we are shopping at our local grocery store, while others do it scrolling through the thousands of photos and status updates made by people who we know nothing about. We love to compare, but I don’t think we realize the hurt we are doing to ourselves in the process. We’re indirectly beating ourselves up by picking apart the flaws we have in comparison to the highlight reels of others. It’s wrong. It’s harmful. It needs to stop. It’s not helping anyone.

The 4 Lies of Comparison

1. “I’m not good enough.”

2. “They are better than me.”

3. “They have more to offer than me.”

4. “Why even bother?”

Don’t listen to the lies of comparison. It’s never a good idea. And it’s always going to lead you down the path of insecurity. We must understand that everyone has a purpose in this world and that we were all made differently for a reason. There is no partiality in the eyes of God, and when your worth is found in Him instead of the opinions and comparison of others, you’ll be surprised to see your lack of self-worth start to subside in your life. Genesis 1:27 states, “God created human beings in his own image. In the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” Nobody can steal this truth from you. You and I were created in the image of God, and that alone is something to be proud of.

Be who God created you to be. Everybody else is already taken. It’s time to kill comparison and find our worth in God.