Dear Ray Rice, I can’t imagine what you must be feeling right now. As your career and reputation are being burned at the stake by media and news outlets alike, I can help but what is going on in your heart.

Lets Be Honest

You screwed up in a big way. No denying that. Hitting a woman is never justifiable! But, as I sit and watch the media outlets continuously replay the incident between you and your wife, I can’t help but feel in my soul that even you are disgusted by the actions that took place that day. While the issue at hand is anything but delightful, I feel that there is a bigger issue happening within the confines of your heart. What’s going on, man? What happened? What led you to this point?

The Harsh Reality

I believe that all actions have consequences, regardless if one sees them to be fair. So while you sit back and re-think what has recently taken place, I would encourage you to seek wisdom from someone greater than yourself; God. I would encourage you to pray. And I would encourage you to seek pastoral guidance. The greatest thing you can do in a time like this is apologize, admit your failures, and seek to make things right—regardless of where your career will stand. This is bigger than football. This is bigger than a paycheck. This is your family. This is your life. No championship ring is worth losing the one you gave your wife on your wedding day.

I Forgive You

For what it’s worth, I forgive you even though I have never met you. As a man who continues to receive the grace of Jesus when I don’t deserve it, I will proudly extend you a hand of grace in hopes that you too will make a change in your life. The road ahead isn’t going to be easy, but I can promise you that truthfully admitting your failures will be the first step in gaining recovery. The greatest thing you can do right now is admit your wrong doings, and humbly walk towards the road of redemption.

My wife and I are continuously praying for you and your wife. God is near, and I pray you seek his hand of hope.

From one broken guy to another,