If you’re not the smoothest of talkers, then here are eight things you can do to show a woman you’re a gentleman without even speaking. This is not to discourage you from talking, but instead showing you that actions can speak louder than words.

1. Dress to impress.

Nobody likes a slob. A true gentlemen can dress to impress his lady without trying to impress everyone else around him. Dress in a way that tells her you care about her, and you’re willing to take the time to look your best for her.

2. Greet her with flowers.

This is old school, but it’s incredibly timely. No matter if the flowers are roses or daisies, flowers are always a great way to showcase your care for another.

3. Open the car door.

Take the time to open the car door for your lady. Let her know you’re thinking of her before you think of yourself.

4. Take her to her favorite restaurant.

Show her that your listening when she speaks. Take her to the restaurant she loves, or the one she’s always wanted to eat at.

5. Pay for dinner.

Duh! Pay for that dinner. Regardless if it’s your 1st or 5th date, you gotta step up and take charge when it comes to the bill. Show her you can take care of her.

6. Lend her your coat when it’s cold.

I don’t care how cold it is. If your lady is chilly, then take off your jacket and put it around her. She needs to know that you’re thinking of her needs before your own, and this includes something as small as a jacket.

7. Keep your hands to yourself.

Want to show her you’re a gentleman? Keep your hands to yourself. Show her that you don’t only honor her emotions, but you respect her body and the purity in which God has called you to keep.

8. Walk her to the door.

Don’t just drop her off and drive off. A taxi can do that. Step up and walk her to the door, making sure she gets in safely and secure.

This post is to show that even if you aren’t the smoothest of talkers, you can still show a woman you’re a gentleman by the things you do. Trust me when I say I’m not perfect at nailing all of these things on dates with my wife. I’m no way near the perfect man, but my goal in our marriage is to constantly try and raise the bar when it comes to acting like a godly gentleman.