1. Healthy couples don’t go to sleep angry at one another.

My wife and both agree that this is one of the more important things we’ve applied to our marriage. No matter how mad, frustrated, or confused we are about something, we always make sure to make amends before we sleep. We aren’t promised tomorrow, and the last thing we want to do is close our eyes frustrated at one another. Life is too short.

2. Healthy couples don’t bring up past mistakes in arguments.

It’s easy to bring up the past in present conversations, but this almost never helps bring a situation closure. Be careful what you say to one another, and remember that God has already forgiven the past that you may want to use against someone.

3. Healthy couples don’t post negatively about one another on social media.

Using public means of conversation to express your private matters is never a good idea. Not only does this show a lack of maturity in your relationship, but also shows a lack of respect towards one another. Don’t use your social feeds as a scratching post. Work things out with one another in your own personal time, not a social timeline. 

4. Healthy couples don’t take advantage of each other.

Regardless of how your relationship is run, there is no need to take advantage of one another for your own benefit. Walk through each day in a posture of selflessness, and ask yourself what you can do for your relationship, not what your relationship can do for you.

5. Healthy couples don’t dishonor or disrespect one another.

Respect and honor are key to any healthy relationship. I’ve never encountered a healthy relationship that didn’t include love and respect. All relationships will fall short of this in some way or another, but the strive for love and respect is something that will keep any relationship healthy, no matter the circumstance.

6. Healthy couples don’t ignore each others passions.

Does your significant other love to golf, swim, or even hike? Make time out of your schedule to take part in activities they are passionate about, even if you are not so keen about them yourself. Real love takes sacrifice, no matter how big or small that sacrifice is. Healthy couples enjoy learning more about each other, and this includes their hobbies, passions, and skill sets.