1. Good attitude.

Nobody wants to be around someone with a bad attitude, let alone hire them onto their staff. When churches are hiring to fill a position, the yearning to find someone with a positive outlook on life will always be put on a high pedestal.

2. Humility.

Pride comes before the fall, and pride in the midst of a ministry or church is not something anyone is looking for. Pride and arrogance can not only ruin the reputation of one’s ministry, but it can also put a negative connotation on the church in which someone is hired onto. Finding someone who isn’t only looking out for themselves is a huge

3. Teachable spirit.

Nobody likes a know-it-all, especially when it comes to hiring someone for their workplace. Walk in to any opportunity with a teachable spirit, a posture of learning, and open mind. Take each opportunity as a way you can learn something new.

4. Strong work ethic.

A weak work ethic isn’t the way to impress anyone, let along a place you’d like to work. When people are hiring for their company, non-profit or organization, hiring someone with a strong work ethic will always be held as a high priority. Nobody wants to work alongside someone who is lazy, let along lack the drive to work until they’ve finished something.

5. Team player mentality.

The lone-wolf will only get so far in life. Being a team player is such a great characteristic to have, no matter where you are looking to work. When you let people know you can be a team player, you are indirectly saying, “I don’t only worry about myself.” This shows that you can put others ahead of you, and are also looking out for the interests of your workplace, rather than just yourself.

6. Passion.

If you’re not passionate about the position you’re applying for, then why apply in the first place? Make sure that whatever you are applying for is something you are passionate about doing. Don’t let your future workplace down by tricking them into thinking you care about their vision.

-Jarrid Wilson