1. It’s getting too big.

When any church is faithful in their strive to fulfill “The Great Commission,” you can’t help but expect lives to be changed, and church growth to inevitably take place. To leave a church based off growth, is to simply deny an opportunity to praise God’s hand upon it. This isn’t to say that all church growth is ordained by the hand of God, but I would hinder anyone from making a decision to leave one based off attendance.

2. I’m not getting fed enough.

I hate to break this to you, but you can’t expect the bulk of your biblical appetite to be filled by your pastor. Don’t expect him to do the work for you.  Any bible-believing pastor will encourage you to spend  time with God on a day-to-day basis. This includes personal study time, small-group gatherings, and yearly reading plans.

3. The worship isn’t my favorite.

Worship is worship. And while I understand that some genres may be more popular than others, this isn’t a strong enough reason to leave a church body. The worship gathering may not be your ideal, but it’s still an opportunity to worship the creator of the universe–and that alone should be enough.

” If you’re looking for the perfect church, it will no longer be perfect once you step foot in it.”

4. They keep asking me to serve.

News flash! We were created to serve. Not only did Jesus come to earth in motion to serve His people, but the reality is that we are now called to serve the bride of Christ in His name. If being asked to serve is your reason for not liking a specific church body, there’s a definite heart issue that needs to be taken care of. Seek what you can do to serve The Church, and not just what The Church can give to you.