Here comes 50 Shades of Grey. The Big Question: Why are people so excited for something that is actually hurting relationships? 

1. It’s poisoning the holiness of sex.

The origination of sex was divinely created by our God for a specific and beautiful purpose. If we don’t share that purpose, we can’t expect our culture to know the truth. Sex is purposed to be an intimate experience between a man and a womanbecoming ONE in the eyes of God.

And while much of our culture sees “making love” as nothing but a social activity, I can only imagine the hurt God feels while looking down upon us as we socialize in an experience that was meant for the confinement of a marriage. 50 shades of grey encourages men and women to act in a way that is negatively positioned in comparison to the truth of scripture.

2. It encourages fornication and lust.

I can’t help but clinch my fists towards the way media and culture glamorize sex before marriage, divorce, and the never-ending game of lust. When it comes to relationships, the world around us seems to be directing more people away from trust and purity than they are towards it. It’s a sad reality that can be seen through the pages of books like 50 Shades of Grey, MTV’s Guy Code, and more.

3. It’s guiding men and women away from righteousness.

Biblical holiness is something I encourage all to strive for. And while I’m aware that none of us are perfect, the yearning to live a pure and integrity-filled life is something I motivate all to seek. The farther we are from righteousness, the farther we are from God. When we fill our minds with material such as 50 Shades of Grey, our hearts will begin to crave something contrary to what God has designed us for.