Social media is a beautiful thing. And while much of my life has been shaped around it’s use, I’ve noticed a few things that truly get on my nerves. I know I’ve been victim of a  few of these myself. While the growth of social media continues to expand, I want to take a moment of instruction to go over 20 things I think everyone should stop doing while tweeting, posting, sharing, pinning, liking, +1’ing, and tumbling. Here are 20 things people should stop doing on social media.

1. Getting into arguments.

2. Posting revealing photos.

3. Complaining about your job.

4. Bad mouthing your boss.

5. Connecting with ex’s while in a relationship.

6. Sharing their home address.

7. Bad mouthing your relationship.

8. Sharing “obviously fake” news articles.

9. Connecting their personal profiles to sketchy websites.

10. Using other people’s content as your own.

11. Sharing spam messages.

12. Posting “get rich quick” scams.

13. Sharing how much money you make.

14. Re-tweeting yourself.

15. Quoting yourself.

16. Constantly bragging about yourself.

17. Letting people know you’re posting from the bathroom.

18. Using more hashtags than words.

19. Asking for shares or re-tweets.

20. Sharing blurry or distorted images.

I know this list is long, but this is just a small portion of the many things we do horribly on social media. I know some of these may seem a little silly to pick on, but the concept of social media etiquette is something I think very highly of. If we’d like to be taken a little more seriously when it comes to using social media, I’d recommend we all evaluate the way we use our personal and business profiles.