Another post on 50 Shades Of Grey? Been there, done that..right?

Hear me out for a second. I’ve been bombarded by commercials and posts praising Mr. Grey for his dominance, and I just can’t help but share my discernment towards the issue.

Here are 10 reasons a Christian guy is better than Christian Grey:

1. A Christian guy longs for you to fall in love with His heart. Christian Grey lures you in to lusting after his body.

2. A Christian Guy prays for you. Christian Grey preys on you.

3. A Christian Guy is protective over you. Christian Grey is out to objectify you.

4. A Christian Guy Signs a marriage license to live on God’s terms. Christian Grey makes you sign a contract to live on His terms.

5. A Christian Guy changes your last name before he makes love to you. Christian Grey chains you to a bed and takes advantage of you.

6. A Christian Guy loves you on God’s terms. Christian Grey leads you on in his own terms.

7. A Christian Guy gives God full control over His life. Christian Grey is out to take complete control over your life.

8. A Christian Guy submits to God’s leadership. Christian Grey makes you submit to His own guidelines.

9. A Christian Guy honors you. Christian Grey deliberately harms you.

10. A Christian Guy treasures you. Christian Grey  trumps over you.