Downfall Of A Once Powerful Medieval Christian Order

Symbolized by a red cross on a white background and two Knight Templars on a single horse, the Order’s main mission was to protect Christian pilgrims and carry out holy military missions in various sites, especially Jerusalem. They were also practically the first bank in history as they utilized several financial techniques, one included keeping valuables or funds of pilgrims that can later be withdrawn in the Holy Land.

By 1312, the Order ceased to exist. All of the wealth and power drifted away like upcoming NFT drops. What actually happened and why losing the Crusade wasn’t exactly a direct reason for their fall?

You Broke My Heart? It’s Okay!

Most individuals will go outside and drive their own car somewhere to calm themselves down when they are devastated since they don’t know what will happen in the future. This is why it is crucial for us to buy all protection rider insurance plan malaysia!

Some Mysteries and Misconception of the Bible

There are a lot of mysteries in the bible and there are also a lot of misconceptions or misunderstanding as well but there is a lot to it as long as you read and study the Bible. Misconception on how many wives a man can have, whether it is right or not or even about are the Israelites truly chosen ones, or chosen once, and more. Is the Revelation history or prophecy? Does it not intrigue you? So let’s learn more and study together and learn more about the Bible. If we do not learn then we will never know, if we learn then it will only benefit us. Don’t hesitate, just do it.

Sex and The Works

People nowadays routinely discuss STDs, pregnancy, roleplay, BDSM, and a number of other topics when they talk about sex. Simply put, the list is endless. ‘How to spice up your sex life?’ is one of the most common subjects. Regardless, few individuals talk about ‘how to have sex?’ or even ‘what is sex?’ Many of…

Why Do Fast Network Speeds Matter?

What is a high-speed internet connection, exactly? Anything having a data rate of more than 100 Mbps is deemed “fast” by most standards. Your internet service is referred to as a “gigabit” bundle whenever you attain speeds close to 1000 Mbps. If you’re wondering why anyone would need a download or upload speed of 1000…


PRAY TOGETHER I believe that those who pray together will stay together. And while prayer might be one of those things some view as a private act, I’d encourage you to open up and start praying with whoever you try to deepen your relationship with. Take the opportunity to not only pray for your relationship…