Smoking Pot And Praising God

I once met a group of college athletes who told me they smoked marijuana regularly, but that didn’t mean they didn’t love Jesus. I tried to understand where they were coming from, but I also had to stand on Biblical ground in a loving and graceful way.

Don’t get me wrong, smoking pot is no greater of a sin than lying, cheating, stealing, or lusting – things we are all guilty of. The big problem wasn’t just the activity of smoking, but that even after reading The Bible they made a conscious decision to follow through with it.

This post is not coming from a biased opinion. I experienced my fair share of smoking when I was younger, and I need people to realize that it’s only because of the grace of God that I am where I stand today.

Some excuses as to why people think smoking pot is ok:

1. For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving. (1 Timothy 4:4)

2. “It helps me pray and study The Bible better.”

Let me make this post short and sweet by stating one fact.

Anything selfishly taken that purposely distorts the way God initially created us to think, feel, or visualize is not of Him. If you truly aspire to be a Christ follower, why would you want to take part in anything that would change the way he originally created you to be?

Just like the topic of alcohol and drunkenness, God calls us to be sober-minded.

1 Peter 5:8  – Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.

There are many things God created in this world that have been taken captive by the ways of Satan. Don’t get caught up in the lies of the world.

What does this mean?

Getting “high” isn’t of God, and shouldn’t be tolerated or justified as so. Don’t let marijuana get in the way of your true identity.

Jarrid Wilson

Published by Jarrid Wilson

Husband, Father, Pastor at Harvest Christian Fellowship & Author of a few books.

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  1. “yielding seed after its kind” created and blessed by God on the third day of creation, “and God saw that it was good.” (Genesis 1:12) Tbh God weed comes from the earth it heals and it helps people leave to see another day do some research before downing something ik alot of pot heads and they are very successful

  2. Why did Christ change water into wine at the wedding at Cana in Galilee? Why did he and the twelve relax and recline with wine?

    I do not mock you or your point. I understand the differences between drinking some wine vs. getting drunk. But to drink any appreciable amount of alcohol at all alters your original condition. So, if Christ and the twelve drank occasionally, what are we to conclude regarding altered states?

    Again, I intend no disrespect in any way, nor do I advocate intoxication.

    I’m just often curiously confused about these matters.

  3. I’ve gotten high and can make decisions, drive, not commit mass murders. I also know that we are judged by out works! We are also judged with comes out of of mouths not what goes in it. If that was the case is it okay to eat at Red Lobster after you’ve just left church praising the Lord? And no, my life is not in shambles, never been divorced, etc. So is it safe to say that Christians judge others without realizing it and isn’t that sinful. So, if we are judged based off of a larger scale and we all know Noah was a drunkard and was used to build the ark then we know that everything is to be used in moderation. Once we abuse anything even food it becomes a sin so let’s be more open minded. Because you all made sure to twist that caffeine and red bull around to not be sooooooo bad right??? Stay “BLESSED” be a light not a dimmer!

  4. Willfully & knowingly indulging in a win to turn away from God, because you know it’s wrong in God’s eyes but continue to do it. The word also says in Romans to obey the laws of our land… So if it’s illegal then we shouldn’t do it.

  5. I believe as Christians we need to steer clear of what “culture” and “society” tells us what is framed as “correct”. This means that it is not “illogical” to put marijuana in the same stimulant catogory as coffee or red bull just because of what has been labeld a “drug” and what hasn’t. Wake up tomorrow without having your cup of jo and tell me you don’t experience withdrawals… And your saying thats not a drug… Because of what God says or the government. I believe in the words of Romans 12:2 but I also believe whole heartedly in Matthew 15:11. Just because your own subjective experience of “getting high” caused you to forget your name or rendered you incapable of making a reasonable decision but that doesnt actually have any biblical, factual, or relevance what God says about it. His communion with us it beautiful and I know we are a temple but i guess that tattoo, mixed fabric, and pierced ears will also lead you just as quick to hell as pot. But yet you see pastors and preachers with all three. The bible is not a bag of checks mix… You cannot pick and choose. I DO feel close to God when I smoke and I’ve been persecuted for it but thats okay because Jesus flipped tables and wasn’t afraid to get dirty and eat with the sinners. So if you think Smoking excludes you from being a Christian I bet “they” said the same thing to the son of man…

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