Shia LaBeouf Is Doing More For Christianity Than You Are

There is much criticism following the recent confession of faith from child star Shia LaBeouf. And although he may be rough around the edges, we must realize so were all of Jesus’ disciples. They all came from different walks of life. They all have a unique approach to the way they spread The Gospel. 

What people don’t realize is that Shia LaBeouf may be doing more for the expansion of Christianity than most. Why you ask? Because he’s not pretending to be holier than thou, a know it all, or someone who is more righteous than you are. His reflection of Jesus may be a little unorthodox, but I believe this type of example is exactly what people need to see as it pertains to authentic Christianity. I truly pray his conversion is true.

Shia LaBeouf is doing something that most people aren’t. He’s letting people see that you don’t have to look like everyone else in order to follow Jesus. So while many people criticize him from the comfort of their social accounts, I applaud the guy for publicly confessing a faith in Jesus Christ, especially while head deep in the world of entertainment. Imagine how many people he could reach, all for the sake of Jesus…

You Might Be Thinking

1. “But he curses…”

2. “He takes non-Christian roles…”

3. “He doesn’t look like your typical Christian…”

4. “He has tattoos.”


I’m not saying I agree with all he does, but I am saying I love the fact that he isn’t pretending to be someone he isn’t. The world doesn’t need anymore cookie-cutter Christians who all act the same, talk the same and dress the same. We’ve got to embrace our Jesus Swagger and be who God has called us to be. We need more authentic and raw examples of Christ followers who are willing to use their voice in places others aren’t. Shia may be a little rough around the edges, but so were guys like Paul and Peter. You know, the guys we all seek to be more like.

“Don’t speak evil against each other, dear brothers and sisters. If you criticize and judge each other, then you are criticizing and judging God’s law. But your job is to obey the law, not to judge whether it applies to you.”—James 4:11

Do I agree with everything Shia LaBeouf does? No. Would he agree with everything that I do? Probably not.

Drop The Facade

We’re all different, created for a different purpose, and used by God in different ways. Instead of pointing a finger at someone who looks different than your version of a text-book Christian, why not applaud the guy for dropping the facade and being real with people. We need more people like this. We need more Christians to stop acting like they have it all together, and instead let the raw and edgy parts of them showcase a little more. This includes myself.

The reality is, Shia LaBeouf may be doing more for the expansion of Christianity than you and I are. Let that sink in…

—Jarrid Wilson


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22 comments on “Shia LaBeouf Is Doing More For Christianity Than You Are”

  1. The Spirit of Christ has embrace my eyes to see his righteousness so I can live by his words day and night. He speaks in tongues in different languages, so we can be lifted high and get low with each other in a complete position. I believe Jesus is changing our behavior what we think of others ? To be eagerly honest, there is hope in all of us, that builds character so we can live by his word.

  2. One of the things that I have learned through my faith, is how much I have been forgiven. At the same time, one of the things that has always hurt the most is how “fellow Christians” can be so unforgiving and judgmental. It is at times as if they believe that they are the ones that not only sit at God’s right hand, but on His throne.

    Our relationship with God is entirely personal, and at the same time, something that we should be completely open about. What better testimony than to say … “God forgave me in all my ugliness, and loves me in spite of it… And He loves you and is willing to forgive you. All you have to do is ask, open your heart, and believe.”

    How much more can we be loved than to realize that we are forgiven, in spite of ouselves? What an amazing feeling of freedom that is!

    Unconditionally loved and forgiven. Unconditionally forgiven and loved. The two go hand in hand, without one, you cannot have the other.

  3. Hey Jarrid, thanks for sharing. I appreciate your humble open minded attitude, I think without it it might be impossible for us as people to actually communicate effectively and learn form one another.

    I don’t want to take away anything from what you said here and the essence of what you are saying, but I heard something about Shia LaBeouf that might be helpful to know when it comes to talking about him. I’m not making any concrete conclusions, but after reading some other stuff about his conversion, I decided to look into the original interview that kinda sparked this whole thing and as far as I know that’s the only source we have so far to affirm that Shia LaBeouf is in fact a Christian. And after reading it in context, I’m not quite so sure that he’s given his life over to the Lord permanently, but more so he took on a temporary commitment in order to fully embrace the role that he was playing.

    I’m not questioning if Shia is a Christian based off of his lifestyle, I only wonder if he even considers himself a Christian now, since all we have to go off of is this interview and in it he doesn’t seem to make that claim outside of the context of his method acting. I don’t know if you’ve read the whole thing in context, I only read it because I was reading another post about Shia and they mentioned it so I decided to look into it myself

    Anyway thanks Jarrid, keep doing what your doing, seeking the Kingdom and seeking to further it however God enables you to. In Christ, Danny

  4. I agree with you Jarrid, 100. I struggle with this idea myself sometimes.

    I recently was baptized and gave my life over to Christ. But, like Shia, I wouldn’t look or sound like the Bible thumping, bow-tie wearing, Jesus fish bumper-sticker-having Christian. I would much rather “keep it real” with everyone, than to play a fake “Christian Johnny”.

    However, these thoughts confuse me. I know that God accepts me and understands that I am broken, but just HOW broken can I be to receive His grace. Just HOW “real” and “rough around the edges” can I live, all while giving my life to God and disciplining others to do the same, before my Heaven card is revoked?

    I often get asked: “Wow, you’re religious?”. To which I reply: “No, man. I just love and follow Jesus.” That’s what’s up. I enjoy seeing big bearded, burly, tattooed dudes quoting scripture. It shows how real and visceral a love of Christ can be. It makes no matter what walk of life you come from, as long as we devote our lives to doing God’s work.

    Breaking the mold of what “being Christian” looks like is what we need to do RIGHT NOW to spread the Gospel like wild fire. Looking the part doesn’t matter if you do not live the part.

    I do think the world needs more like Shia. More people to declare their love for Jesus, more people to grow their heart’s like Jesus, and more people to give like Jesus.

    Why spend our days judging what we are supposed to live and act like as Christians, when we could be working toward our common goal of spreading Jesus’ love to the world.

    1. Hey Tony,
      I really enjoyed reading your comment.
      Walk with Christ is an incredible journey. And He works on us day by day – Hw knows we are far from being perfect,but He still wants make us better, makes us more like He is.
      God bless you so much and keep showing His love in your life.

    2. do you really think your “heaven card” can be revoked? I don’t think Christ’s salvation is about that…and if we are trying to become more like Him, then we need to be sensitive to the Spirit’s prompting, and stop doing things that we know are offensive to him…

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