The Rising Popularity Of Cynical Christianity

Christians are often labeled as hypocritical, judgmental and narrow-minded. But while not all Christ-followers actually live in such a way, there seems to be a new form of Christianity that is rising in popularity. It’s called Cynical Christianity. Have you heard of it?

I believe the birth place of Cynical Christianity wasn’t founded on social media itself, but instead has been catapulted into the spotlight by the platforms it offers. Think about it… What was once hidden behind closed doors and secret gatherings is now available to the masses, all hidden behind the scenes of blogs and social media accounts. It’s become normal to be cynical, and everyone acts like it’s okay.

Encourage one another.

When reading through the text of the Bible, one can see that Jesus yearns for his people to encourage one another and withhold from tearing each other down. Why? Because tearing each other down doesn’t benefit anyone.

“Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.” (Ephesians 4:29) 

Individuals are constantly seen using their social-media accounts, blogs and other online platforms as tools to bash fellow Christians. And while many people might see these acts as funny and harmless, I view them as proof that our generation lacks the honor and reverence for Christ it so desperately needs. I believe Cynical Christianity takes advantage of the freedoms and grace Jesus has shown us, propelling individuals to worship these gifts more than Christ himself.

We must be different.

We must change the way people view Christians by changing the way we speak and act. We must allow the message of Jesus to transform our hearts from the inside out, and do away with selfish or ambitious desires. Christ has called us to be different than the world.

“But no human being can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison. but no human being can tame the tongue. ” (James 3:8)

Cynical Christianity is dangerous, and I believe can have harmful affects on the body of Christ. We must increase our yearning for righteousness, and do away with anything that is contrary to Christ himself. My heart yearns for the image of Jesus to be reclaimed as loving and true, and this includes the image of those who choose to follow him.

-Jarrid Wilson


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Published by Jarrid Wilson

Husband, Father, Pastor at Harvest Christian Fellowship & Author of a few books.

6 comments on “The Rising Popularity Of Cynical Christianity”

  1. I’m having trouble understanding what you mean by “Cynical Christianity.” What do you exactly mean? (Examples). I’ve never heard of that.

  2. I agree completely with your observations. I think there are several factors in play as to why: 1. We live in a sarcastic and critical culture. It permeates the culture, and has crept into the church. 2. As much as we hate to admit it, like you said, this present church age does not honor Christ. Instead, it is about loyalty to the organization, and focus on the organization (whether church, denomination, seminary, etc). Christ is not the core of most arguments I read. Instead, it is what my church/denomination/seminary said verses whatever you said. 3. A spirit of self righteousness. This is related to #2. They have the answers, everyone else is wrong. There is very little true discussion or dialogue.

  3. A long hard journey,but can be done,one day at a time with Jesus.Quick to hear and slow to speak,Lord help us to remember this before we open our mouths.

  4. Christianity is based on How we live ? Treat each other with respect with honor. People can’t listen to their own heart, all they want is an answers to the both of side of the questions. Jesus came to earth and he wanted all of us to listen to his advice. His advice is important more than anyone else what they say ? Only Jesus sets the sinner free from their selfish ways. We have to love the sinner, but hate the sin without being crucial. In the beginning when God created us in his image ? He found out what made us stay so shameful, and being selfish. We take too much things for granted. This is why Satan was the angel of light from the beginning who was banished from Heaven for taken over The Kingdom of Heaven, to be more like him. That’s not true what everyone shall be like God. Jesus came to earth to set everyone free from the forces of evil. He said don’t pay evil for evil, let evil overcome with good. I believe one day Jesus will bring everyone to judgement day, so we can make professional choices. This is how we have to stay eagerly honest with our enemies ? So nothing will happened. That’s what Jesus says “He shall come to earth, so no one will put us to the test”.

    We are like his son Jesus to be a follower.

  5. I believe that there are many Christians who feel that because they believe in Jesus they have the right to judge other people and fellow Christians as well. Once we realize that we are all human and we all have different opinions and we all make mistakes we reach a level of humility. I was born into a family that has been going to church for many many years and I saw how hypocritical Christians can be and I was disappointed and angry. We were put on this earth to love one another and learn from each other. I try my best to respect others opinions and see where they’re coming from I won’t always agree with them, but I can learn from them.

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