Josh Duggar Doesn’t Deserve God’s Grace, And Neither Do You

The beautiful thing about God’s grace is that it’s available to people who don’t deserve it. I don’t deserve it, you don’t deserve, and that person on t.v. who was found guilty of inappropriately touching  his sisters doesn’t deserve it either. But guess what? Grace still abounds to those who seek it.

Josh Duggar’s actions are not excusable, but they are forgivable in terms of repentance in the eyes of God. What he did was 100% wrong, but even murders such as The Apostle Paul found grace through repentance in Jesus. And while most of the media outlets have focused on Josh and his actions, my heart breaks for the lives of the young girls who were affected by the situation. This doesn’t end at Josh. It affects the whole family.

“Though I am the least deserving of all God’s people, he graciously gave me the privilege of telling the Gentiles about the endless treasures available to them in Christ.”—Ephesians 3:8

Be Open & Honest.

The best thing one can do when crap hits the fan is be open and honest to everyone who is involved. There is no reason to beat around the bush in order to make things seem better than they really are. Sometimes, you need to hit the hard stuff head on in order to make sure things don’t creep back to haunt you in the future.

So, while I do believe Josh Duggar’s actions were without a doubt wrong, we must understand that God’s grace is available for him. I yearn that the heart of Josh Duggar has been truly changed, and I don’t doubt that truly seeking after God for the last several years has done that. The reality is, none of us are any better than Josh Duggar. We’re all sinners in need of a Savior.

I ask that you be praying for the girls who were affected some years ago, and that their marriages and future families would find no hardship due to the heartbreaking actions that took place in the comfort of their own home.

Josh made some bad decisions when he was younger, but that doesn’t give everyone the freedom to cast the first stone. Grace abounds when repentance and correction is found.

It’s all about grace. Nobody deserves it, yet Jesus offers is to those who seek it. Once again, I pray for the girls who were affected. 

If you or someone you know has been molested or inappropriately touched, please reach out to someone for immediate. No touching is justifiable, no matter how small.

—Jarrid Wilson


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21 comments on “Josh Duggar Doesn’t Deserve God’s Grace, And Neither Do You”

  1. Nope. No grace for him at all. yeah so we don’t all deserve grace, but no grace if you molest little girls. The pastors who he reportedly went to for counselling should have called the police when it came to their attention. When it comes to these sorts of things, no the perpetrator deserves to rot.

    1. I stand where I stand. I don’t care if he repented, he commited not just sin, he broke the law. Don’t drop the soap Duggar.
      Why is it that when something like this happens in the Christian community Christians are so quick to cover it up with grace and repentance. Those who knew about it when it was happening should have reported it.

    2. Paul was a murderer, yet he wrote 1/3 of the New Testament. You are correct- a child molester does not deserve the grace of God, and yes, the actions of those else involved are questionable in the very least… But that’s what Jarrid is saying. NO ONE deserves grace, no one deserves for a perfect God to die for them and save them from an eternity in hell. But God doesn’t discriminate. Josh will face consequences for his actions, just as Paul did, but the glorious forgiveness of God still stands. How beautiful is that? When you find yourself at your lowest point, having done something in humane or unbelievable and you are totally disgusted with yourself… Even when no one else can forgive you, it’s a wonderful thing to know that the One who hasn’t done a single thing wrong still loves you. His love in unconditional. If you cannot forgive others for their incomprehensible actions, how will you be able to forgive your own? Or your own child’s? What Josh did was wrong. It hurt his family. It continues to hurt his family… But God still loves him. Believe it or not, when God created him, He knew this would happen. :) & that is the beauty of God’s grace.

    3. From an actual victim’s point of view, yes there absolutely is grace for everyone no matter what they’ve done. My dad molested me when I was just 4, and at the age of 15 I had forgiven him in my heart even though I hadn’t been around him or heard from him since. God healed the pain which allowed me to be open to a relationship with him when he contacted me after I turned 18. I can see he’s not the same because he didn’t push me to talk to him and he asked for forgiveness even though I knew I already had. If I had my own kids of course I’d take precautions with him; forgiveness doesn’t equal trust. But guess what God forgives freely. How would you feel if It were your child that did something like this? Of course appropriate actions need to be taken but that does not mean you hate them or would never forgive them. Child molesters are as much God’s children as murderers or thieves or adulterers or liars. There is no sin bigger than others; there is only bigger consequences in this lifetime but it’s all the same to God. I’m glad our lives aren’t determined by you or any other human because we would all be doomed by our own biases. If victims can forgive then none of us have the right to undermine them or God.

  2. We Are not here to judge. We need to leave it up to God . He is the only one who can make the decision. So people just mind your own business and let them deal with it in private .

  3. I found your blog almost a year ago, and I love the messages you display in an honest, Christ like, and humble manner! This article just being another wonderful example of how God is working through you in this day and age. :)


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