Jesus Is Not Your Homeboy

Jesus Is Not Your Homeboy

In the mid 2000’s the phrase “Jesus Is My Homeboy” started trending among evangelical Christians and began finding its way on t-shirts, hats, and other personal accessories. And while this cute term seems harmless and fun, you need to understand that it can actually be detriment to your relationship with God.

Why You Ask?

Because Jesus deserves more honor and respect than the term “Homeboy” credits him. And while many people think this harmless term makes Jesus look more inviting to non-believers, the reality is that it’s actually presenting a fake presentation of who Jesus is. Yes, Jesus can be described as many different things, but I don’t think “homeboy” is something that magnifies the importance of his being.

Jesus is NOT your homeboy… He is your Father, your Savior, your Redeemer, your Rock, your Salvation, your Lord, your Christ, your Shield, your Protector, your Friend, and so on…

Is the phrase “Homeboy” wrong? No. But is the phrase “Homeboy” honoring? Not even close.

In everything we do we are called to show honor and respect to the one we call Savior. And while there are many names to describe the God of the universe, I don’t think homeboy should be one of them.

– Jarrid Wilson


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Published by Jarrid Wilson

Husband, Father, Pastor at Harvest Christian Fellowship & Author of a few books.

55 comments on “Jesus Is Not Your Homeboy”

  1. I feel you on that. Definitely not the connotation we want to have with our Lord as being a “homeboy.”

    He’s much more than that. Asing as we remain cognizant of that fact it’s all good.

  2. To me a homeboy is like a friend. Like someone you chill with and have fun with. Like a best friend ya know? In todays day n age people dont think christianity is fun or cool so i think calling Him homeboy to people who may think you cant have fun or be cool and live for Him will make them think that Hes more to us than this guy we claim to follow but someone we like to hang with and call friend. If that makes sense. Homeboy is a more modern word for friend. And im not saying we should call Him that everytime we refer to Him but i dont see the harm behind it. He knows our heart.

  3. I don’t think it’s a matter of not being respectful, we all know He is our savior and our salvation and is deserving of the highest respect and honor for laying His life down for us. I think it’s more so just personalizing our relationship with Him. I find it kind of playful and fun, and imagine Him laughing with me when I use terms of endearment like that.

    1. Jarrid, true true. I wouldn’t describe Him to others as my homeboy. I just give Him terms of endearment like that sometimes when I’m talking with Him and feeling happy and playful :P

  4. I totally agree.. one could too easily assume Jesus is level with us which is what many other religions do by portraying him as equal to man. He is “on the level” but not “level”. It’s important to know the difference.

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