It’s Ok To Be A Christian And Go Through Tough Times

Let’s get really honest with each other for a minute. Let’s put aside all the clichés, feel good one-liners, and quick to apply Bible-verse band aids. Sometimes, life is just really hard. And no matter how many inspirational quotes you might throw someone, there is a good chance there burdens are much too deep to be fixed with a quick-to-speak answer.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had dozens of conversations with people who are going through a really tough time, questioning whether their life has meaning, and wondering why so many Christians represent Jesus in such a horrible way. These are good people, with good motives, who have just found themselves sinking in a boat of emotions they can’t seem to get out of. The heavy pull of life, faith, and relationships have begun to take a toll on them. What do you tell people like this? What do you tell people who are already seeking Jesus, but for some reason are still going through a hard and burdensome time.

First, let me tell you this: IT’S OK TO BE A CHRISTIAN WHO GOES THROUGH TOUGH TIMES. You’re human! Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Even Jesus wept.

Life isn’t always going to be easy! And frankly, there is a good chance that life isn’t going to always go the way YOU planned it. It’s easier said than done, but we have to learn to trust God even through the tough times. He knows what he is doing, and he is capable of taking care of our every need.

The Facts:

1. People will fail you. 

2. Christians will fail you. 

3. Life will fail you. 

4. Jesus will not fail you. 

This is not to say that Jesus will only do things that you want, but this is saying that his plan for your life is to bring you victory rather than defeat. When you are in Christ, even the tough situations are victorious due to His victory on the cross. Understand that Jesus can do miraculous things even through the hardships in your life. If you feel like giving up, I want to encourage you to hold on a little longer. Grab hold of the promises of God, embrace a community of friends who can support you, and submerge yourself in the embrace of God’s love.

“Come to me all who are weary and heavy burdened, and I will give you rest.” -Matthew 11:28

-Jarrid Wilson


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Husband, Father, Pastor at Harvest Christian Fellowship & Author of a few books.

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  1. We live in an era when many people, even Christians feel persecuted when they are having a bad day. Somehow we have the impression that we are to always feel happy, never be financially strained, have all our plans go according to the way we planned them and be able to call our selves a Christian because we go to church. I am almost sixty, and my life has been blessed, but also filled with hard times and loss and disappointments, but in the midst of the despair, I knew God was with me in the suffering. A situation that really helped bring clarity to what being a Christian really means, happened when I was in my twenties. I prayed hard and deliberate for my older brother who was falling away from his faith. I remember bargaining with God in my prayers. I said, “Please God, bring someone into his life that will help him turn around. Someone who will help him see the error of his ways and then set an example of how to live.” I remember saying, “God~so many friends of my brother who have never set foot in church before will see the difference in him and want to come to church.” I had it all worked out. I was just waiting for the answer of this super person to come into my brother’s life and turn him back to Christ. Instead, my brother was murdered by someone he knew as a direct consequence of the way he was living. In my grief I kept thinking, “Dear God this isn’t the way things should have happened!” At the time, death seemed so out of line with the way I thought my prayers should be answered. In my immaturity, I believed Christians should be exempt from this kind of pain. After all I was praying for my brother. What kind of answer is murder? As I processed those days after his death, I remember sitting in church during my brother’s funeral service, and seeing the many faces I didn’t know mixed in with those I knew well. That church was full of his friends. People who probably never set foot in a church before, and they heard the full on message of the Gospel. I miss my brother, but I was comforted in learning that his attitude in the days before he died was different. From statements he was saying to family members, it was evident he was thinking about God. He made comments about how blessed he was. He had been treating his family better. Perhaps he had rededicated his life so that as he lie in the dirt dying, he was walking into the arms of God. And if so, that is a solid answer to my prayers for my brother. Christians suffer right along with the unrighteous because we live in the same broken and fallen world. When it comes to answers to our prayers, God’s ways are not our ways.

  2. Sometimes I don’t know if I even believe anymore. I have anorexia/bulimia and it seems hopeless a lot of the time. God is far away right now, it seems. Prayers are appreciated if anyone thinks of it.

    1. Anonymous, I have learned that when God seems far away, the person who moved is us. My prayer for you is that this hold that food has on you will let loose as you reach for the hand that God is holding out to you. Somewhere along the line, our emotional psyche malfunctions and we turn to everything but God in order to have control over life. Anorexia and Bulimia both are behaviors to attempt to control. Many things can happen in the life of the Anorexic/Bulimic to cause such behavior, but one thing that can heal them is letting go of the need/desire to control. None of us are in control, and once we come to that conclusion and give control over to God, life becomes more manageable. If you have been involved in therapy to overcome the eating disorders, then you will understand the twelve steps. That is a great beginning, because the twelve step programs had a Christian start but over time their meetings have become rather secular in their understanding of a higher power. If Jarrid agrees to the referrals, there are some Christian programs available. One is Celebrate Recovery. The other is Setting the Captives Free. Check them out. God is right where you are. Most of our healing comes when we are focused on helping others.

    2. O preciousheart!!! I am so sorry that you are going through this and that your PAPA GOD seems far away right now. Keep seeking Him, for you will find Him. He hasn’t moved away, dearheart. He is right there with you, collecting your tears in a bottle and recording them in His Book. O how He Loves you!!! O how He Cares about you and everything that concerns you!!! He truly is a Good GOD. No matter what happens, He is ALWAYS Good. That doesn’t change. Hold on, sweetness. The Joy of the LORD truly is your Strength and His Mercies are new every morning. Don’t look to tomorrow. Live THIS day. THIS is the day that the LORD has made with you in Mind. He has awesome plans for you, Beloved of CHRIS†. You are not forgotten!!! In JESUS Name!!!

      Dear PAPA GOD, Your precious chosen beloved Child is having a very difficult time right now and doesn’t even know what to believe about You anymore. The enemy fills Your Child’s mind with garbage. Spirit of Anorexia, get out in the Name of JESUS!!! Sprit of Bulimia, get out in the Name of JESUS!!! Spirits of doubt and unbelief, get out in the Name of JESUS!!! Spirits of Depression and Oppression, get out in the Name of JESUS!!! None of you belong in this Child of GOD!!! This Child belongs to GOD!!! This Child has Authority over you all!!! JESUS the CHRIS† gave this Child Authority to cast you all out because this Child has the Victory in Him!!! Hallelujah!!! This Beloved of GOD is More than A Conqueror!!! Greater is He who is in this Child than he that is in the World!!! Thank You JESUS!!!

      PAPA, Please fill the empty places in Your Child with Your Spirits!!! You haven’t given us a spirit of Fear, but of Power and of Love and of a Sound Mind!!! Thank You for Your Spirits!!! Glory to You O LORD!!! Thank You for Healing Your precious beautiful Child!!! Please restore Your Child’s identity–the one that you knit into Your Child in the womb!!! In Your Mighty Powerful Healing Merciful Name JESUS. Amen!!! ♥

    3. I’m praying for you, Anonymous. I have had many times in life that were heartbreaking and it seemed like “ok, God, where are you”. One thing I know is that God is faithful and He is there even when it feels like He’s a million miles away. The bible says he is near to the brokenhearted. He is right there, Anonymous. And God inhabits the praises of his people. When you feel alone or when you’re struggling with anorexia/bulemia, put on some worship music and SING! Let praise be your weapon against anorexia/bulemia. God inhabits our praise…when you sing worship songs and praise God you will feel His presence and He will strengthen you. God, I lift up this hurting child of yours and i pray you will wrap your arms around them and remind them of your love.

    4. Anonymous, I don’t know if you will see this or if I’ll see your response. I’m adding you to my prayer list. I’m not going through this trial so I’m not going to pretend to understand this. But what I’ve noticed is that there is someone out there understands and has gone through it and came out stronger because of it.

    5. May Gods peace and support be noticed by you. You are not alone. Seek Godly support. I did for my issues. Sometimes we just need help. Your trial today will be your testimony tomorrow.

    6. I am certainly praying for you! Please “Fix your eyes” on Jesus and the Cross. Satan cannot and WILL NOT be victorious because JESUS our Savior is the one who defeated death…God loves you sweetheart, and I am sure many, many of his children do as well!

    7. Hi, I too had bulimia… but let me tell you, it has NOTHING to do with God if you CAN’T stop! I used to blame God all the time. God IS there and he will give you strength to stop! But you have to realize that your body is God’s temple and you are not only harming yourself but also every one around you… bulimia is horrible and you can die
      of it! It’s YOUR free choice to stop. There will always be trials in your life where you want to binge and throw up because that seems to be the only thing you can control…. but If you TRUST God 100% that He CAN heal you, you will be healed. You have to tell your mind over and over again, that your Body is God’s temple and you do not want to ruin it! You
      Are wonderfully made… don’t ruin what is perfect and beautiful. It’s the evil that is always soo close…. keep God CLOSER!

    8. I just prayed for your healing, strength and guidance. I understand your feelings of doubt, I believe things like this are what builds stronger Christians.

    9. Though it may seem hopeless, if your trust and hope are in Christ, He’ll pull you through anything. And He’ll use those tough times to draw Him closer to you. If you are truly in Christ, He’s promised never to leave or forsake you, even if times are tough. And if you aren’t in Christ, I’d urge you go to Him now. He’ll turn your life around! Nothing is impossble with God! :) Would you mind giving me your name? I would love to pray for you.
      Cast your burden on the LORD, And He shall sustain you; He shall never permit the righteous to be moved. Psalm 55:22

  3. It is not only OK, it is to be expected. We are promised trials and times of refining fire. We are also promised the opportunity to share in the suffering of Christ. We also live in a world that is like it is because of the consequences of sinful decisions (from Adam forward).

    We, as followers of Christ, need to do a better job of bearing each other’s burdens instead of telling the other person that they are a failure because they have a burden. Then again, we all miss opportunities to help bear someone else’s burden.

  4. Presently am going tru some hard times as a christian.but to ur post,I say a big thank u sir,it inspired me.God bless u sir.

  5. Going through a divorce at age 22 was never in my plans. But when my husband left 6 months ago I was faced with 2 choices- end my life because I lost the only person I wanted to spend it with or press into Jesus and let Him make me the person He wants to be. Thanks to The Lord I chose option 2. Every day is a roller coaster of emotions and I often find myself arguing with God about why my way is better but here I am- a Christian, in a circumstance most Christians hope never to find themselves in- fighting the good fight. I can’t see it now but I know God will use this nightmare to me more Christ-like then I ever could have been going about life on my terms. His love, peace, and mercy sustain me every day and for that alone is a gift.
    Thanks for the post Jarrid!

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