It Takes Courage To Lend A Helping Hand

Failure is all around us. It’s the talk of news-headlines, blogs and just about every trending topic. Our society has become infatuated with watching people miserably fail, pointing a finger of judgment, and using their social platforms to publicly shame individuals from the comfort of their mobile devices.

Failure is inevitable, but how we respond to failure is a choice. The easy way out is to point a finger, meticulously judge without knowing all the facts, and shame those who have made mistakes as if we’re any better than them. Nobody is perfect.

It takes no courage to judge someone. It takes no valor to point out someone’s flaws. It takes no brains to shame someone for making mistakes that are no better than our own. It seems that our world is full of vultures who like to pick apart the societal roadkill.

Choose Courage.

It takes courage to lend someone who has failed a helping hand. It takes courage to walk in a room when everyone else has walked out. It takes courage to lift someone up when everyone else is putting someone down.

Choose courage. Choose to lend a helping hand. Jesus did it.

—Jarrid Wilson

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Published by Jarrid Wilson

Husband, Father, Pastor at Harvest Christian Fellowship & Author of a few books.

7 comments on “It Takes Courage To Lend A Helping Hand”

  1. Hi Jared

    All I have to say is thanks! Today has been a day of Courage, courage to help and courage to receive a helping hand. This post confirms all I have being doing today, Thanks.

    Am not trying to know everything, just to approach Him.

  2. A trend in social media is to judge and publicly accuse or criticize someone indirectly when it is very obvious who is the person they are referring to or worst, even when you know it’s not you, you are still wondering “…is it me he/she is talking about…” It’s childish and distasteful. Social media is certainly a double edge sword!

  3. Totally agreed with this post. It takes courage to lend a helping hand. Christianity, has become a joke to society because of what’s happening in media and the handful of lukewarm Christians in the public eye. Being a Christ follower doesn’t mean mistakes won’t be made. Christ follower means having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and when we do mess up we can fall at his feet and ask for His forgiveness. Every day I rejoice that Jesus is not like men or else we would all be dead by know.

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