I Like Your Christ, But Not Your Christians

I think we’d be surprised to know how many people in this world actually like the person of Jesus Christ, but aren’t keen of becoming a Christian due to the examples set forth by his followers.

For centuries we’ve used different tools and methodologies to reach people in the name of Christ, but I feel like the ideology of the great commission was intended to be more simple than we make it out to be.

I believe we need to re-think the way we are evangelizing, witnessing, making disciples, or whatever else you may call it. Why? Because the way we’re working isn’t working anymore. Church attendance is on the decline, and the amount of self-proclaimed believers is getting lower every single day.

Why You Ask?

1) I believe some of our techniques are flawed and outdated. The bull-horns and picket signs need to go. You’re not helping anyone. And as for that look like the world but slap a Bible over it, get rid of it. People want a clear path to Jesus. One with clear direction and a clear distinction of change. What we need is more Gospel-centered evangelistic gatherings, churches focus and passionate about The Word of God,  and not to mention, Christians who are willing to share their faith with others on a daily basis.

2) I believe sometimes our approach comes off as judgmental and arrogant. You’re not better than anyone, regardless of their belief or disbelief. There is no partiality in the eyes of God, which means there should be none in the eyes of God’s children. Not to mention, Christians arguing with others Christians over beliefs in the quickest way to turn off those who don’t follow Jesus. Especially when the reasons in which we are arguing are so miniscule. Give people a reason to follow Jesus, not more reasons as to why they want to avoid Christianity all-together.

3) I believe some of our focus has become less about sharing God’s love, and more about seeing how many people we can claim attend our church. God doesn’t care how many people attend your church if they’re not being taught The Gospel of Jesus.

We Must Stop Judging:

As a Christian, your job isn’t to judge someone because they don’t have the same beliefs you do. If you act like a pompous jerk, don’t be surprised when they aren’t keen on joining your Jesus train.

“Do not judge others, and you will not be judged.”—Matthew 7:1

We Must Re-Think Evangelism:

We need to re-think the way we are evangelizing, witnessing, making disciples, or whatever else you may call it. We must begin to ask ourselves if we are truly reflecting an image of Christ, or an opposite result that is actually harming the expansion of The Gospel. We must frequently step outside of our comfort zones and church buildings, all so that we can meet people where they’re at instead of expecting them to come to us.

“Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.”—Matthew 28:19

We Must Love Better:

The Church of Jesus Christ is perfect and flawless, but the reality is we as people are not. I understand that we all make mistakes, but that doesn’t mean we can ignore the fact we need to change the way we are doing things. I want us to begin evaluating the way we live our lives as Christians. Are we truly reflecting the purity and love of Jesus, or have we cracked the very foundation we are called to live on? Are we loving the way Christ loves us?

“And do everything with love.”—1 Corinthians 6:15

I don’t blame people for being timid in their choice of following Christ. Why you ask? Because some of us are pretty bad examples of Him. I know there are plenty of things I need to get better at. With that being said, I hope we can all begin exuding a brighter image of Jesus that is not only pure and loving, but graceful and forgiving.

—Jarrid Wilson

Published by Jarrid Wilson

Husband, Father, Pastor at Harvest Christian Fellowship & Author of a few books.

6 comments on “I Like Your Christ, But Not Your Christians”

  1. I totally agree with you Pastor. We need to step outside of our comfort zone and reach the broken, hurt and lost souls. That’s why Christ did. He showed them love, when everyone judged them.

    I am encouraged by this post. My husband and I have started a ministry called Upward517 Ministries l, which is to put an end to abuse and sex trafficking. We go to churches and speak on topics that can be uncomfortable for people such as sexual abuse and pornography. But what we have doing is that many teenagers and adults in the church and outside of church are struggling with a painful past. And these victims feel they can’t ask for help because they’re afraid people will judge them and identify them with their past mistakes, abuse and sins.

    We want to stop that stigma and show the love of Christ so these victims can eat true healing and victory through Jesus Christ.

    If you want to know more about our ministry check us out in Facebook at Upward517 Ministries and/or Instagram at @upward517

    God bless!

  2. It is true but I trust the holy spirit to help me more. I am guilty of all,really wish I could love others like He loves me and equally them.

  3. While I agree with you Jarrid, I find it a little contradictory for you to call for more events on #1 (you plugged your own church’s event), yet on #3 you lay the thought that focus has become less about God and more about big crowds. Isn’t Harvest America doing a bunch of large Christian events with big-name artists that help draw a large crowd? One that you and your church are pushing heavily for people to stream and/or attend? “God doesn’t care how many people attend your church if they’re not being taught The Gospel of Jesus.” Don’t you think that goes against the frequent posting of events your church is putting on? The goal had never been about bringing people to your church but bringing the gospel to them and speaking truth. No church is perfect and never will be, but I wish you stop insinuating that every other church is doing it wrong. Maybe that’s a large assumption on my part, but it comes across that way to many. I’m a member of a church that is all about spreading the gospel in a loving way, while also meeting people where they’re at and learning to disciple them. I love my church yes, but we’re also far from perfect or considering ourselves the example. Please forgive me if this sounds harsh, but it was just on my heart after reading and being a frequent follower of you socially.

    PS: You should learn to make your old cold brew bro, will save you tons of money :)

    1. Actually, not contradictory at all. We hold events to share The Gospel of Jesus, not to aimlessly gain crowds and throw a party. They’re evangelistic events as opposed to a “faith-based” event where no Gospel presentation is offered. It has intention behind it. And as for insinuating that I think every church is doing it wrong… you couldn’t be more wrong. There are a ton of churches doing it right, but posts like the one you couldn’t read are reminders to even myself of what matters and what doesn’t.

  4. I absolutely LOVE this, and agree 100%. My daddy always said ‘you may be the only Bible people read’, and it was a reminder to love people first and foremost as Christ loves us. Hearts respond to LOVE, not well rehearsed rhetoric. When people ask why you’re committed to love them, it’s an opportunity to introduce them to Jesus..the One who set the example for love, the One who loved them enough to die for them. Stop screaming from sidewalks and throwing pamphlets. Start stepping out of your home and loving your literal neighbors. Relationships are built, community is built, and let God be glorified.

  5. I love this, very well put. Love having you around the church. We are all very Blessed to be fortunate enough to have you representing, and ministering to us at Harvest. Great team and I love the dynamic you bring. Thank you, God Bless

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