God Among Our Brokenness—Does He Even Care?

Sometimes feeling “okay” is the best you’ve felt in a very long time. Your brokenness entraps you because of unchangeable moments that took place in your past. You’ve yet to let go and find peace amidst the storm of remembrance. You’re hurting. You’re frustrated. You’re in repetitious, unwavering pain. You ask yourself, “Does God even care?” 

God does care. He feels our pain, yet sometimes the way he responds to us might not be exactly the way we anticipate. Over the course of my life, I’ll be honest in saying I’ve found myself furious at God on multiple occasions. I’ve yelled at God, cursed at God and even threatened God for not providing what I felt was the best response for my current situation in life.

I’m sure he looked down at me, chuckled a bit and knew that I didn’t really mean what I was saying. I was just upset, and God was patient enough to let me vent to him. He allowed me to use him as a scratching post. He could handle it. That’s the beauty of God; He’s big enough to handle anything I throw at him, but wise enough to not give me everything I ask for.

When putting our lives in the hands of God, we must be ready to not understand everything that God does, why he does it, and how long he will do it for. Some things only have one answer; to trust God even if it doesn’t make sense. It may seem like a shallow and cliché’ response, but it’s actually quite the opposite. Trusting God among our brokenness is a beautifully painful but spiritually deepening experience. Every time we put our trust in God, another scoop of our fleshly dirt is removed from our spiritual sandbox.

Trust God among your brokenness, but realize it’s okay to be mad at him, frustrated and even down-right confused. God doesn’t expect us to understand everything he does, but he does expect us to trust him among the process.

Don’t be afraid to question what’s happening. Don’t be afraid to wave your fist a little. God can handle it. Let it all out, and get honest with God about what you’re really feeling.

—Jarrid Wilson


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Published by Jarrid Wilson

Husband, Father, Pastor at Harvest Christian Fellowship & Author of a few books.

23 comments on “God Among Our Brokenness—Does He Even Care?”

  1. Wow! This came at such a timely moment. Just today, i had a bonding session with my close friends. Some of them were really ust angry at God for that they have gone through and haven’t been able to see God’s hand through it all. Your article speaks volumes and i think most if not all people have gone through this. Trust is all we need, though hard as it may be. Trust is a leap of faith and a wonderful one at that. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for this Pastor Jarrid. It’s funny reading this when just a while ago I am crying and telling Him that He does not love me and doesn’t want me to be happy because I am too upset of what’s happening in my life now. Now I just want to crawl in His lap and let Him embrace me. God bless you, your family and your ministry :)

  3. Very timely to what I feel right now.
    Sometimes it makes you ask if God is hearing out the favors of His servant. But then again, we subject to His better plans.

    “Trusting God among our brokenness is a beautifully painful but spiritually deepening experience.” … True

  4. This is so timely. May we continue to give thanks in every and all cirumstances because God has our best interest at heart. Our momentary and light afflications is producing for us an eternal weight of glory far beyond all comparison. Blessings!

  5. I never leave comments on blog posts i read, but this was exactly what my heart needed today. in a season of complete and total brokenness, this was awesome, thank you Jarrid!

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