Christianity Is So Much More Than Going To Church

The beauty of Christianity is that there are many facets that make up its entirety. When someone finds themselves in a relationship with Christ, there is more to its being than simply attending a church building or spending more time in prayer. Christianity is more than sitting in seats and listening to sermons. There is more…

First let me try to redefine the way you view church, as it is not simply just a building that one attends on a weekly basis, but instead who one is on a daily basis. We are the church, and we are called to reflect the image of Jesus in our everyday lives.

When we take this reality to heart, every aspect of our lives then becomes a mission field, a space to worship in, and a realm to shine your light in. The world is God’s canvas and the Holy Spirit wants to use you to create a masterpiece known as The Great Commission.

Christianity is so much more than you could ever imagine it would be, and that’s part of the beauty. Alongside an already fulfilling relationship with Jesus, one will find true meaning and purpose through the will of God. Every aspect of your life will now have direction, and your everyday journey of life will now be accompanied by the Spirit of God himself. When we limit Christianity to nothing more than attending church, we are truly forfeiting the almighty power of God.

I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.”―C.S. Lewis

Attending church is incredible, but it’s just one of the many beautiful layers that Christianity has for you discover. Alongside the communal body referred to as The Church comes true life, discipleship, repentance, relentless grace, hope, unrestricted love, serving the least of these and so much more. Christianity is so much more than going to church.

Lean into the Spirit of God, and allow that power to guide you every step of every day. The Christian life is a breathtaking journey filled with adventure and excitement. Layer upon layer, you will you encounter the beauty and majesty of being a follower of Jesus.

—Jarrid Wilson


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Published by Jarrid Wilson

Husband, Father, Pastor at Harvest Christian Fellowship & Author of a few books.

20 comments on “Christianity Is So Much More Than Going To Church”

    1. It just depends on where you find community. Some “churches” are not met in what we would consider the normal church building but instead, coffee shops, houses, warehouses, etc. Church is people united under the heart and passion of God.

  1. Awesome message. I am always captivated by your posts M.O.G. After reading this post I am reminded of a song entitled, ” They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our Love. Christianity is all about love and to be a disciple of Jesus Christ we must first know how to walk in love. (John 15:34-35) I am also reminded of Todd White’s “lifestyle Christianity”.
    I also agree with the reader, David Hunter, who commented, ” Christianity is a lifestyle.”
    Be blessed M.O.G. (Man of God)

  2. In 2013 my doctors said three times that I was not suppose to survive. I believe that the prayers of family and friends and my Faith and Belief in GOD is what saved me. Truly I was carried through the Valley. I am no longer afraid of death for I WILL be with my Faithful loved ones in the presidence of THE FATHER, THE SON AND THE HOLY SPIRIT.

  3. No one made me see things in this way. This is a real approach to Christianity I never knew in my past. Thank you.

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