Priceless Provision

Months ago I ran into a 33-year-old homeless man named Mike Rowe, who had been living on the streets of Newport Beach after losing his job in electronic sales. Although Mike didn’t necessarily look homeless, the outside appearance couldn’t hide the true brokenness emerging within him.

Serving Isn’t Enough

You serve at your local Church over 40+ hours a week, unpaid. You are involved in multiple ministries.You always arrive early and make sure to stay late. You help collect tithes and offerings. You serve on the worship team. And not to mention, you are an intern. Let’s just put it this way, you are…

5 False Teachers You Actively Believe

Many political and evangelical leaders love to pick apart people of stature that they deem as false or heretical. And while some of their speeches, posts or sermons may have some truth to them, I wouldn’t take every word as valid and without flaw. Just because you heard, read, or watched something on the internet,…

Finding Ourselves

“Finding Yourself” I never really quite understood the meaning of this phrase, but it seems to be the “go to” saying for anyone who doesn’t really know what they want out of life. (Which once included myself) For some people,”finding yourself” might come in the shape of: 1. A new job. 2. A new school….