An Open Letter To Justin Bieber

An Open Letter To Justin Bieber

An Open Letter To Justin Bieber

Dear Justin,

It’s crazy to watch so many news and media outlets tear apart your character, all due to your recent arrest for drunk driving. And while many might think it’s justifiable due to your actions, I have personally withheld myself from posting anything on my own social channels until his post.  Not because I think you’re innocent or blameless, but because you deserve forgiveness regardless of what you have done wrong. It’s what Jesus would have done.

Let’s be honest. Some of your actions have been pretty stupid and childish, but haven’t we all done some stupid stuff in life? I know I have. My past is filled with some serious darkness. One time in High School, I almost got arrested for drawing inappropriate images on a driveway with shaving cream. I thought it was funny, but the local cops and neighborhood watch didn’t agree with me.

Just because you’ve made some horrible decisions, doesn’t mean you’re outside the love of God. And while many people might think your actions contradict your claim of following Jesus, let’s not forget that all of us fall short on a daily basis. We all screw up. The only difference between you and these people who are judging you, is that their mistakes aren’t publicized for the world to see. You’re definitely living a more complicated life than most, and I commend you for that. I don’t know if I could personally handle it all.

I’m sorry people are being so rude, malicious, and vulgar towards you and your family. I can’t imagine how much pressure you face each day. I can’t imagine how much the paparazzi must hound your personal space. And I can’t imagine how much of your personal life has been taken away from you, all for the sake of publicity and fame.

Call me your Christ-following brother from another mother. I believe your heart still knows the love of God. I believe you’re an all-around good guy. And I will continue to believe in you even if the rest of the world stops. Feel free to hit me up any time you’d like. I got your back, and will continue to pray that God provides for you and your family.

Just because you’re Justin Bieber, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve forgiveness. CLICK TO TWEET

Don’t let the tabloids or news-headlines bring you down. Remember, the Apostle Paul killed Christians before becoming one, and Jesus still forgave him. You’re still loved by God, and you’re still forgiven for your mistakes. Embrace HIM.

Extending a hand of grace,

Jarrid Wilson


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  • Darien Aube November 8, 2014 at 9:42 AM

    I love the thought & sarrow put in to this…We’ve all been down the same road…. I got arrested for shoplifting…. Because of women…. They’re literally distractions…. But I learned from the mistake & got back on my feet…. I’ve done bad…. but its not publicized like his. I feel bas for you Justin Bieber. But God still loves you. For every sin, for every mistake. He’s always watching you. He’s your soul & heart <3 . Thank the Lord we call Jesus. For walking the Earth. Dying for everyone no matter what satan did to them. He has consequences for us… as long as you "Believe in the lord Jesus Christ and you shall be safed." His consequences are in our everyday life… and as you see with jail time for Justin Bieber or charges, is his consequence. Just even if you don't have to, but 1 hour of your time to go help and elder, or clean someones yard… And Justin… Do the same thing…. maybe record a new song about it or Jesus… He is your saviour and no matter what… you can't change that. So embrace that gift. And share it with the rest of the world… Respect goes out to all Christians nd how the strive through every mistake they have done. Love Jesus….

  • Robert R February 8, 2014 at 9:29 AM

    The tone of your message is “boys will be boys”, as if youthfulness is an excuse in itself. Yes, he lives under intense pressure. But he puts himself in the spotlight on a daily basis by his own actions and desire to be seen. That said, no one should start throwing stones at him. However, you can’t point out a problem with someone’s life without calling them to repentance. And there is where you fail Jarrid. Telling someone who has clearly lost their way “I got your back” is giving them license to continue on the same self destructive path. What Justin Bieber needs to hear is sin has consequences. Turn back to the ways of The Lord before disaster strikes. The last thing he needs is another “buddy” telling him everything is ok.

    • CHARLES COUNCIL April 13, 2014 at 9:26 PM

      @ Robert R. Peace and many Blessings good bother; Jarrid our esteemed Brother in the faith has it absolutely correct. Justin does need another buddy telling him that it is okay because it is. Please let me explain further with adding a little biblical perspective. First, buddy is another word for friend and who in the Universe is the greatest friend of all; no other than our Lord Jesus. I’m most certain that we all sin and fall short of the Glory and at times we need to fellowship with people in the faith. Thus, Jarrid saying “I got your back”, he is essentially saying I am your Christian bother in the faith and through your struggles I will be there for you Justin. This is how it all starts, once Jarrid offers his friendship then he can begin the process of ministering to him. We as Christians at times are too hard on one another and for that reason maybe we need to learn how to be a friend first before anything else.

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