4 Stupid Reasons To Not Like A Church

1. It’s getting too big.

When any church is faithful in their strive to fulfill “The Great Commission,” you can’t help but expect lives to be changed, and church growth to inevitably take place. To leave a church based off growth, is to simply deny an opportunity to praise God’s hand upon it. This isn’t to say that all church growth is ordained by the hand of God, but I would hinder anyone from making a decision to leave one based off attendance.

2. I’m not getting fed enough.

I hate to break this to you, but you can’t expect the bulk of your biblical appetite to be filled by your pastor. Don’t expect him to do the work for you.  Any bible-believing pastor will encourage you to spend  time with God on a day-to-day basis. This includes personal study time, small-group gatherings, and yearly reading plans.

3. The worship isn’t my favorite.

Worship is worship. And while I understand that some genres may be more popular than others, this isn’t a strong enough reason to leave a church body. The worship gathering may not be your ideal, but it’s still an opportunity to worship the creator of the universe–and that alone should be enough.

” If you’re looking for the perfect church, it will no longer be perfect once you step foot in it.”

4. They keep asking me to serve.

News flash! We were created to serve. Not only did Jesus come to earth in motion to serve His people, but the reality is that we are now called to serve the bride of Christ in His name. If being asked to serve is your reason for not liking a specific church body, there’s a definite heart issue that needs to be taken care of. Seek what you can do to serve The Church, and not just what The Church can give to you.

-Jarrid Wilson


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Husband, Father, Pastor at Harvest Christian Fellowship & Author of a few books.

29 comments on “4 Stupid Reasons To Not Like A Church”

  1. Awesome article! I think the worship point is key to a lot of people and something I have tried to work on for sure. You said it perfectly: “it’s an opportunity to worship the creator…”. The song choice should not matter it is who you’re worshipping to that does!

  2. I’ve never heard of someone leaving a church simply because it’s too big. I know plenty who leave because of the flavor of worship in these “churches”. Lose interpretations of the word, feel good stuff only without any acknowledgement of the devil, wolves in the pulpit that are there only for self and money. There’s plenty of reasons to leave a mega church. I’m pretty sure people don’t leave simply because of the number of attendees. There is probably more to it that these people wouldn’t want to discuss with you.

    1. The church I attend has over 5,000 members not only have I witnessed people leave because the fell it’s gotten to big…. but when other hear how big the church is they’re critical of saying it’s too big….almost 100% of the time I hear I want to be known…. I want my pastor to know who I am…to miss me if I’m not there etc…. and me personally I think that’s silly…. While yes we all want fellowship, but we are supposed to be going to be fed spiritually…. God Knows you and knows you not only by name but can count the hairs on your head!!! Can my pastor do that?! I think not…

    2. I take it you’ve never been to Dallas, Texas, or its suburbs. If I had dollar, I’d buy my own plane and hit the Caribbean. I, myself, will leave or avoid a church that’s too big simply because, one, I don’t like crowds; two, it’s hard to get involved and easy to get lost in the shuffle; and d, the leadership there is unqualified and ill-equipped to handle their job simply because the church hired them just to fill space and won’t make the time to train them. But the main reason why most people leave a mega-church is because when they walk in, they feel like a number and not a name.

  3. I don’t like my church mainly because of my pastor. He’s super judgmental, he doesn’t preach to us he preaches at us with his nose stuck in the air. He also said “he doesn’t do children.” And he doesn’t even know but like a 1/5 of our church. Its gotten so small from people leaving.. Its discouraging.

  4. Someone once told me, if you’re looking for the perfect church, it will no longer be perfect once you step foot in it.

    I’m guessing it’s normal to get disappointed in your church occasionally, I sure do. Maybe your next post can tell us good reasons to not like, or leave a church.

    Mine feels like it’s a family member. Sometimes, like a family, people hurt me, sometimes I do the hurting; sometimes I get angry at the Pastor for expressing an opinion different from mine, and sometimes I think he can do no wrong; sometimes I feel alone, sometimes I love being in community; some weeks I just don’t want to go, and other weeks I just can’t wait to get there. But over the years it’s just become a part of me.

    My biggest hurt from a church came when it closed its doors to 60 families due to falling finances. My baby was baptized there. It took me years to find another I could trust – which ended up being an awesome mega-church with great kids programs. The large church can become small when people find a niche or community gathering. Then there are times when I’ve had to sit out for a season and not be involved at all. Even when I’m not faithful, or when a church is not, God is faithful.

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