10 Ways To Show A Man You Care

Here are 10 Ways To Show A Man You Care

1. Keep your promises.

If you make him a promise, then make sure to follow through with flying colors. Rarely keeping big promises isn’t nearly as significant as keeping your end of the deal on day-to-day things. Let him know he can trust you even when things get a little tough.

2. Show him you appreciate his hard work. (Good chance his boss doesn’t tell him enough) 

I can’t think of any man who doesn’t like to be told that he is appreciated. Write him a thank you card for the little things he does. Be specific; it’ll let him know you took notice of his hard work and long hours.

3. Tell him that he’s handsome.

In a world filled with advertisements showcasing the world’s definition of handsome, it’s always a good idea to remind your man that you think he is good looking. Not only will this give him peace about your feelings toward him, but it will also remind him that you are still attracted to him.

4. Leave him sweet notes and letters.

I’ve realized that the element of surprise holds a lot of weight a midst any relationship. Writing letters and notes “just because” is always a fun way to showcase your feelings on a daily basis. Leave these notes in his laptop case, on his desk, or even in his jacket pocket. Finding one of these notes will bring a smile to any man’s day.

5. Constantly pursue him. 

Don’t give up pursuit just because you’ve got some time underneath your belt. The relationships that will stand the test of time are the one that are founded on the idea of constant pursuit. Don’t let routine or comfort get in the way of things being fun, exciting, and new.

6. Act overly excited when he plans something.

Let him know you care about the time and effort he put into your date night. Thank him a little louder, and hug him a little longer. Make sure to constantly remind him how appreciative you are throughout the night. Make him feel like the greatest guy in the world.

7. Surprise him with a gift at work.

Is there something your man has talked about wanting lately? This is the perfect opportunity to let him know you are listening when he talks. Go out to the local department store and get him that sweet watch, or even something that was homemade. There is nothing greater than having your lady walk into your office unannounced, bearing gifts and a beautiful smile.

8. Let him talk.

Nothing says, “I love you” like a woman who let’s her man talk about his day. Take time to hear him when he talks. Whether it be about his problems or ideas, taking time to sit and listen will speak volumes to him. Ask questions. Engage actively instead of listening passively.

9. Take part in his favorite activities.

Play basketball, go fishing, or even go ride some dirt bikes. Do something he loves without him having to beg you. Take initiative to plan things on your own accord, and show your man that you are willing to take time out of your day for the activities he loves most.

10. Get to know his friends and family.

Truly care about your man? Then get to know the people he claims are closest to him. Yes, that even means his annoying best friend. If you make an effort to get to know your man’s friends and family members, it will show him that you are willing to reach outside your comfort zone on his behalf.

-Jarrid Wilson


What else can you do to show a man you care? Leave a comment below. 

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37 comments on “10 Ways To Show A Man You Care”

  1. Being in a LDR for the last three and half years, I found that trust factor must be greater than if we would be together daily. Also, communicating daily through text or IM. We find that it keeps us closer. We also speak on the phone nightly. How this helps.

  2. When a man says in a text to U I’m back with my girlfriend don’t U think it’s time to stop pursuing him since he told u thanks for your friendship!!!!

    1. Hi Janelle! I’m in a long distance relationship too and have been for quite some time. Here are my tips that will hopefully help :)

      1. Write love letters. They are romantic and never go out of style. My boyfriend loves getting them cause they are in my handwriting, not a facebook or text message.

      2. Send a care package filled with homemade food, mix cd’s, pictures or gifts you’d think’d he liked.

      3. Try to Skype or Facetime once a week or as often as you can. Phone calls are important too!

      4. Occasionally send a daily bible verse as a good morning text – always a great way to start the day.

      5. Talk about the next time you’ll see eachother and things you’d like to do. It helps keep focus on when you do see eachother.

      6. Don’t give up! It’s easy to feel like it’s just too tough to be in a long distance relationship, but it gives you both time to work on yourselves. Plus the only reason most long distance relationships don’t work is because you can’t physically be with eachother. But I think it’s nice to focus on the emotional aspect of the relationship before physical.

      7. Remember that it’s not forever.

    2. You can still do all the same! I was looking for some new tips but my boyfriend and I already have these covered. It makes it a little easier since he plays pc games with friends and family so I started that to do the same as 9&10. Facebook helps too. We still have date nights, but for now they are over skype. You can even occasionally send him a surprise package in the mail. It’s difficult, I know, but you just have to be creative with it. Surprisingly enough with over 7k miles between us at the moment our relationship feels stronger than ever. It’s things like this that make the difference.

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