10 Differences Between Dating A Boy Vs Dating A Man

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There is a big difference between boys and men. Whether those differences be spiritual, physical or mental, they are irrefutably noticeable in the way someone lives their life.

1. A man will own up to his mistakes. A boy will make excuses for them.

2. A man will respect you no matter the circumstance. A boy will respect you when he wants something in return.

3. A man will respect your purity. A boy will let his desires control him.

4. A man will do whatever it takes to provide. A boy will make excuses as to why he can’t provide.

5. A man will prepare for the future. A boy lives in the moment.

6. A man looks to gain the respect of your family. A boy look to gain popularity from people around him.

7. A man is firm in his beliefs. A boy changes his beliefs depending on the girl.

8. A man has integrity. A boy makes promises he knows he cannot keep.

9. A man will always take an opportunity to learn. A boy thinks he knows everything.

10. A man seeks more than just beauty. A boy seeks beauty so he can show off.

– Jarrid Wilson


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  1. LOVE this. I know it may seem funny to relate to this, but God has been showing me what I should be “looking” for as far as relationships go and this is spot on. Bless you & love ya bro!

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