10 Differences Between A Believer And A Christian

Warning: This might shake up your faith.

Here are 10 differences between a believer and a Christian.

You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that–and shudder. —James 2:19

1. A believer believes in Jesus. A Christian follow his commands.

2. A believer goes to church on holidays. A Christian knows that a church community is paradigm to their faith.

3. A believer reads their Bible when things get tough. A Christian reads their Bible regularly.

4. A believer prays when things get tough. A Christian gives thanks no matter the circumstance.

5. A believer twists the Bible to fit his or her lifestyle. A Christian works to make his or her lifestyle resemble the teachings of the Bible.

6. A believer will sacrifice when it’s convenient. A Christian will sacrifice no matter the potential outcome.

7. A believer tithes when there is no risk. A Christian will tithe no matter the risk.

8. A believer conforms under the pressure or culture. A Christian holds fast against temptation.

9. A believer will share their faith when it’s comfortable. A Christian will share his or her faith regardless of the scenario.

10. A believer knows about Jesus. A Christian knows Jesus as his or her Lord and Savior.

– Jarrid Wilson


Can you name some other differences? Leave a comment below!

Published by Jarrid Wilson

Husband, Father, Pastor at Harvest Christian Fellowship & Author of a few books.

178 comments on “10 Differences Between A Believer And A Christian”

  1. This was awesome and on point Pastor Jarrid
    It is obvious that because we are living in times that we see people less and less want anything to do with something called “commitment”
    They would rather miss out on all the good and beneficial things that living a life as Christ-like as possible(Christians) would deliver

    God Bless!

  2. Am in line with what the author says.
    there is something we need to understand here. first lets talk about belief, believing simply means accepting that something or someone do exist or better still accepting that what this or that person says is true. On the hand, Christian just as the name sounds comes from the word Christ. simply put, Christian means follower of Christ.
    in the early days BC one could say the apostles were believers then AD they became Christians. it is worth noting that not all believers are Christians but all true Christians are believers.
    believers only accept but Christians accept and follow the teachings.
    we are saved by our believe in Jesus Christ as seen in Jn 3:16
    but as revelation tells us, we shall be rewarded according to what we have done
    Rev 22:12
    so if you believe and don’t work, start imagining how little your own reward will be.
    moreover, being a believer is a lot more easier than becoming a christian.
    but you however must believe before being a christian.

  3. There is a different between ‘i am following Him and i believe in Him.now, somebody can follow him but not believe in him and that does not make you one with Him but he that believes in Him as a True believer has one accord with Him.

  4. I am a True Follower & Believer of JESUS CHRIST and you will know me by the fruit of the HOLY SPIRIT. One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch.” True Followers of JESUS CHRIST live to bear good fruit, and this responsibility also includes discerning bad fruit.

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