10 Differences Between A Believer And A Christian

Warning: This might shake up your faith.

Here are 10 differences between a believer and a Christian.

You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that–and shudder. —James 2:19

1. A believer believes in Jesus. A Christian follow his commands.

2. A believer goes to church on holidays. A Christian knows that a church community is paradigm to their faith.

3. A believer reads their Bible when things get tough. A Christian reads their Bible regularly.

4. A believer prays when things get tough. A Christian gives thanks no matter the circumstance.

5. A believer twists the Bible to fit his or her lifestyle. A Christian works to make his or her lifestyle resemble the teachings of the Bible.

6. A believer will sacrifice when it’s convenient. A Christian will sacrifice no matter the potential outcome.

7. A believer tithes when there is no risk. A Christian will tithe no matter the risk.

8. A believer conforms under the pressure or culture. A Christian holds fast against temptation.

9. A believer will share their faith when it’s comfortable. A Christian will share his or her faith regardless of the scenario.

10. A believer knows about Jesus. A Christian knows Jesus as his or her Lord and Savior.

– Jarrid Wilson


Can you name some other differences? Leave a comment below!

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  1. so what does the author have to say about all of this? Maybe he should re-write this and use this discussion to make his point more clear and stronger as well?

  2. I’m a faithful and obedient humble servent to my heavenly father through his son my lord and savior christ jesus and I gladly say I’m a Christian for to know the father one must know the son and profess it before men ,so that he will profess you before the father,maybe just maybe there may be another force working to tarnish our lords words and deeds to the eyes of the world if there was only a book you can read to get the true meaning of how important it is to stay in the light of the one true God and keep fighting the good fight and how important it is to not be misled by the world and evil one who days are numbered. May the one true God bless you and yours for seeking him through his son Jesus our Lord and savior the christ. “And who shall ever beliveth in me he too shall be saved”jesus “I say to you,everyone who acknowledges me before men,the son of man will also acknowledge him before the angels of god.But whoever disowns me before men will be disowned before angels of god”Jesus,thank you jarrid

  3. Thanks Jarrid….. I am now 81 and retired, although I preach/teach every Sunday. While ministering in Long Beach, CA, in the 60’s, I did one similar to this which was published in the Long Beach Newspaper. If I can find it in one of my boxes, I’ll send it to you. Although different….very similar in substance. wow! God bless you and yours in your work for HIM! Glen

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